BMW Integration

Activated ST in my BMW Connected app and presto, I can display ST on my 430i’s display. Worked GREAT for 3 days. Then, this afternoon, I powered down my ST hub to relocate it a few feet in the house. Now…the ST menu entry on my BMW had disappeared. The BMW app reports ST installed, but the car says no dice. I can’t imagine why this would be related to my hub recycle since the “real” connection of interest here is the BT link between my phone and the car. The ST app works fine on my phone, but not via the BMW BT link. Anyone else see this kind of problem?

Mine works intermittently in my M4. Haven’t been able to figure out why.

I’ve been curious about this.

Is there a set a video on how to do this if you have an iPhone? The reason I ask is because I looked through the connected store on my BMW and I don’t see anything regarding SmartThings.

It resumed working…I didn’t do anything…well, I suppose I “cycled power” on my car! It was working the next time I drove.Hopefully it will not be intermittent.

I’m led to believe that so far, it only works with Android phones, which is what I have (Galaxy S6).

I should point out that the way I activated it was by selecting “Hub” on the menu of the BMW Connected app on my phone. Smartthings was one of the apps listed, and selecting it caused some kind of authorization magic between the BMW app and my Smartthings app. Next time I got in the car, Smartthings showed up on the BMW Connected menu.

ST only works on Android version of Connected. I gave up on trying to use Connected for anything other than sending destinations to nav, the app is a great concept but horribly executed. None of it has ever worked reliably for me (or even hardly at all) either on Android or iOS.

Is this Dead? Is this going anywhere?

I think its dead :frowning: shame as I would of loved to have my i3 show as a “Thing” within the app