Bluetooth activation/roadmap

It would be nice to have Bluetooth enabled so that your home (at least close to the hub) could be used as a “Secured Location” for Android “Smart Lock”.

Even a beta version would be good. Many would find the issues for smartthings.

As mentioned it needs a code base writing for it.

But with so many BLE devices now it would grow fast.

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Hey guys. I was conversing with Alex about this and other things. He said he would be making a return to the forums next week and he sent me the Bluetooth roadmap.

He didn’t say I couldn’t share it, so I’ll post it below. Fingers crossed.

Any updates on this?

Now that Wink 2 has bluetooth there might be some pressure on ST.

Things like this too.

The wink 2 looks tempting at the moment.

I have an AnyMote which works using bluetooth. Would love to link this in to SmartThings… I don’t really want to have to buy a harmony when I already have all the equipment.


I’ll be moving to Wink 2 if ST doesn’t put Bluetooth on the map, for sure.

Bluetooth will never be turned on in the ST hub. Tim Slagle said as much months ago. You can wait for Godot, or go to Wink 2.

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When I bought v2 it was because of BT support. The email I received about preordering the v2 Hub states, “The Hub is also future-ready to support Bluetooth” (SmartThings, 2015). The future seems to be the distant future in SmartThings opinion. I have BT Christmas lights I bought last year. It would be nice to control them with SmartThings.


SmartThings. (2015). Meet the samsung smartthings hub. Retrieved from:

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The 24th century is the future and because there will be no money you can’t get it back.

They promised a lot of things that they didn’t deliver with V2.

lol, yeah it’s why i waited and I am glad I did, the v2 hub just went on sale for $50 and still has very little benefit over the v1 hub. Selling my V1 hub for $50 and buying the v2 hub for the same :stuck_out_tongue: glad i waited as I don’t feel like I missed much and now I am “future-ready” for when ST releases BT support ( sometime in 2020 probably ) :smiley:

@alex @slagle

I bought the v2 under the pretense of Bluetooth integration which was promised prior to purchase. As with many here on the forum, it was one of the primary reasons for choosing st in the first place over the others. From what I am reading, it doesn’t look like you will be delivering on that promise in the foreseeable future-- which boils down to FALSE ADVERTISING. I really really don’t want it to come to this, but a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT may be in order to get you to realize that you can’t advise BT integration and never deliver. There are a lot of us that feel cheated here, and rightly so. It may sound like I’m just blowing smoke around, but as the saying goes, were there’s smoke, there’s fire…


I have a Bose Soundlink speaker that is connected to an old Android phone for music - works great. I would be nice to have ST turn on music when I arrive. This works so why should I spend $ for new speaker? BT works fine in my somewhat small house.

Hello Everyone

I’m new to Smarthings but was looking forward to bluetooth integration.

I’m not sure how ever thing works or even smartthings can controll wifi devices.

I was wandering would it be possible to use a wifi enabled bluetooth router/extender with Smartthings. It would increase the range to 1000 feet then maybe controlled from smarthings via wifi.

Please educate me and let me know your thoughts.


Bluetooth would be essential for things like SwitchMate, and sure, there are workarounds by adding SwitchMate to a Logitech Harmony Hub and then linking the Harmony Hub to SmartThings, but really?! That shouldnt be necessary. It should directly connect to SmartThings like it does to the Wink Hub v2. I’ve been using SmartThings for years now, but things like this have got me thinking of switching to Wink.

I don’t understand why they would not activate Bluetooth. It can’t be that hard! And with all the locks coming-out BT-enabled ST are on to a loser; not least because a bunch of us bought the darn thing because it was going to have it.

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Has the ST team made any semi-recent comments on why they haven’t given us BT yet? I honestly haven’t done a very good keeping up on the matter but I thought at one point they didn’t think it was a priority because there wasn’t any “need” for it. Well BT home automation devices are just getting more and more popular now and we still aren’t able to use them even though we have a perfectly good radio to talk to them with. Now that mesh has been added to the BT spec I can only assume we will start seeing new BT devices at an increasing rate.

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The obvious conclusion is that there is a hardware fault and it would never work on the hub v2.0. Rather than open the facility only to find that it does not work for large numbers of users and realise everyone wants a replacement unit, they have chosen not to activate it.