Blitzwolf BW-IS3 Zigbee Motion Sensor

I’ve just got hold of a couple of the new Zigbee motion sensors Blitzwolf have realeased - BW-IS3

I got it to pair no trouble to Smart Hub 3, however having tried several different device type handlers, it doesn’t seem to be report back any event when actually detecting motion.

Has anyone else had any success with these yet, and if so, with which Device Type definition?

Many thanks

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I found this:

maybe it helps you.

But i’m more interested in how you connected the Sensor?
I have 2 of them and my conbee zigbee stick doesn’t seem to find any of them.
I tried all channels: 11,15,20,25 …

@Steve_Trill. Same issue here. Any luck witth Koenkk’s repo?

I paired the device with a SmartThings 3 hub, and it connected first time, just using an “add device” from the app to initiate a search, and then hitting the pairing button on the device.

It connected first time, and after i was able to try various DTH with it, but none seemed quite right

Re Channels, I think my hub is on 19



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Yes, I also paired the sensor with the hub and although it seems to record motion activity, it doesn’t trigger any action.

Finally a handler that works. Try Simulated motion sensor.

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How did you get this to work in Smartthings, i have triede all motion sensors…

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It worked only for a day. Now, resting in a drawer…


Anyone had any joy with this yet? I’ve got hold of one to try out, but can’t get get my v2 hub to find it.

gtampako did all right things, and reported back. It should rest in peace.

Hi guys. I was told it would work on samsung smartthings so I bought it. Anyone resolved the issue in the past year? Not working here.

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