Security Camera Recomendation

I would like to get the recomendations of the community on a Security Camera system.
My first requirements are rather easy and not why I am asking.

Obviously need these to be ST capable.
Indoor and Outdoor models
Cheap (not Nest Cam expensive)
Live Streaming

The real reason I am asking is my last requirement. I don’t want to pay for the typical “cloud storage”. Rather, I would like the camera to use my existing cloud storage on Amazon (or something similar). I woild also be happy with local storage.

I have done some searches on this but can’t get out of the info loop on paid cloud storage solutions or Amazon product listings.

This community is rather technical so I figured I could get ideas here.


I don’t think any camera satisfies all your requirements at this time. However, Blink is the closest and probably best potential in my opinion:

They don’t have an outdoor version yet but it is easy to set up, inexpensive and there is a community developed SmartThings interface.

I have one Drop Cam, one Nest Cam and twelve Blink cameras. There are some features the two expensive cameras have but the Blink is my favorite hands down.

Thanks, I will check them out.

Blink would be good for indoor but not outside. I am thinking about a HD samsung system just thinking it will be first to integrate but i may not get that lucky

I have to be honest. I know they dont integrate with ST but the Nest cams are by far and way the best I have found. They perform exceptionally well. I have two of them and the video, audio, and night vision are stellar. Also, the cost for cloud storage is cheap.