Blink cameras $80

Once upon a Time, these things worked beautifully with ST. Suddenly, on the eve of being swallowed up by Amazon, they abandoned the community without even a kiss goodbye, and a lot of us were left with hardware that was useless for our needs.

Thank you, but no.

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Yeah I figured I would hear that a lot, but figured I would post. What I think is weird is that we can integrate Echos and Amazon smart plugs into ST fairly easily, but these are a pain.

Yeah all things being equal I would go with WYZE - 20 bucks for 1080 picture - add a cheap usb battery pack and housing mount it outdoors. if it flakes, replace. China will rule the world

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Where do you get the USB battery pack??

7-11? :slight_smile: just use any usb battery pack

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oh those big ones? I want one that will be smaller

Battery pack doesnt last very long does it? They are an always on camera, so those small little packs wouldnt power it more than a day could they? even if it was a month I dont wanna charge these things monthly.
Blinks still work just fine with IFTTT and webhooks. No issues for me.