I just got Blink for xmas but haven’t had time to do rboy’s integration. Blink just announced IFTTT support, though I was stymied at first since it doesn’t appear that a system routine change (good morning, etc) can be an IFTTT trigger!?

My workaround was to take a spare switch, turn that on/off with routine changes, then make that switch if IFTTT trigger for arming/disarming Blink. Any ideas that doesn’t take a switch?

Blink IFTTT is not available yet in the UK only in North America.

Rboys app works very well, but this week Blink pulled network access and support for it which caused an outage for many of us with Blink cameras that are linked to ST.

Luckily Rboys persuaded them to re-instate this providing ST users only use his app to avoid heavy traffic loads on Blink servers, the reason Blink sighted as the reason they turned it off initially.

So now Blink are looking more seriously at IFTTT and I would expect we will see this released for UK users by the summer … you may have to wait a while, but int he meantime only the new versions of Rboys app 5.08.0 and DH 5.04.0 work and are supported.


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Most people use a virtual switch instead of a physical one. Smartthings allows you to create virtual switches which will then be treated exactly like physical switches either by SmartThings itself or by other systems working through a smartthings integration. So the virtual switch will show up on any list of your switches, including those available to IFTTT. It’s very popular. :sunglasses:

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Perfect, thanks! Didn’t know about virtual switches but just added it successfully!

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RBoy’s ST integration for Blink is back in service. After many people voiced their concerns, Blink agreed to maintain the integration. Using RBoy’s integration and then controlling the cameras through CoRE makes for a very powerful combination…and it works great!