Arming Blink Cameras

We have a few Blink cameras set up to watch our dog while we are out, and Amazon Echo devices around the house.

I’ve not had the need to set up my SmartThings hub since we moved last year as the Echo has provided all the “smart” functionality we needed, but it looks like I might need to set the hub up for this.

We really want the indoor cameras to arm automatically when we leave the house, and disarm when we get home. Currently we have to open the app on either of our phones and do it manually.

I used to use (and love) the SmartThings presence sensors for things like this but they seem to be obsolete now.

iPhone geolocation accuracy seems to be hit/miss in comparison.

I’m open to alternative fobs, even if it’s a touch-to-thingy RFID type deal…or is there a way I can ask Alexa to arm/disarm the cameras.

I’ve been out of the smart home game for a while! Hoping there’s new options out there now.