Blink Camera IFTTT

Can someone help me setup an IFTTT connection with my Blink Camera System. I’ve successfully setup a virtual switch that id like to control using my routines. I’ve linked the with my Smartthings account and my Blink account. Just not sure how to connect the IFTTT and the virtual switch.

Thank you.

If you already linked your IFTTT account to ST and authorized the virtual switch, and already linked IFTTT to blink, then all that’s left is to create an IFTTT applet.

If virtual switch in SmartThings turns on, then arm blink system. Or whatever you’re trying to do with that virtual switch.

The ST support article for IFTTT explains all of it pretty clearly:

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Just the guidance I needed, thank you!

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Hi @Jbeck21,

Look at this. You will be able to get Blink working with ST via a virtual switch:

Here’s an updated guide: [RELEASE] Blink Camera IFTTT Integration