Blind controller: Fibaro or Qubino, or alternatives?


I am looking to automate my existing blinds (typical 110v 3-way switch for up/down/stop).
I have a preference for Z-wave, just because I have a few other products.

The only 2 products that seem compatible are Fibaro & Qubino ($50/piece). Have I missed any major competitors?

Does anyone have strong feelings on one versus the other?

Thank you

I have not bought them (yet)… but I keep trying to convince my wife that we NEED them:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’d rather keep my existing blinds for now and just update the controls

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I use one of the fibaros (albeit not for a blind - a motorised skylight on my conservatory.) and find it to very reliable and very accurate - I’ve even measured it…
When I set it to 50% it was, indeed open 50%!

I know… I’m sad… but I was curious…

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