Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 26-29, 2021)

They posted a sneak peek of model numbers on Twitter. Sales go live tomorrow.


Thanks for asking @jkp and thanks for sharing @philh30. We won’t be posting any links here since not everyone’s into that type of content :wink: but the email is going out tomorrow morning to everyone on our mailing list :upside_down_face:


Looking to pick up a bunch of new in-wall Z-Wave dimmers/switches with built in scene control (e.g. double tap, hold, etc.)

Any recommendations on models that will have Edge support and hopefully also on sale this week?

I personally love my Zooz switches from The Smartest House. Plus they have awesome customer support!

Right now they are using custom DTH available on their website to access advanced features and scene control. I believe there is a private channel that is testing Edge drivers for their products.

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Two things about Zooz keep me from taking the plunge, although I admit they seem attractive on paper. First, they seem to be another brand of Fibaro, and seen a lot of comments from people owning those devices left hanging with no support. Second, it seems like there’s only one developer @krlaframboise writing drivers for these Zooz devices, and right now he’s not happy with Edge and not publishing his drivers publicly. He also has a list of priorities, and hard to know where one device or another will land.

Kind of sucks that, on a “mature” platform, I have to worry about end of life or lack of support for what are current, happy, working products. I find myself checking that the devices I buy will work with other vendors hub as a failsafe in case I’m forced to ditch ST…

Fibaro and zooz are two completely different companies. Fibaro is a Polish brand, that also has their own hub. Zooz is the house brand of the US retailer The Smartest House.

The Smartest House has had a strong commitment to keeping up with the various changes in smartthings’ architecture, While Fibaro has felt that as long as they match the third-party Zwave specifications, that should be enough (particularly since they have their own competing hub).

The Smartest House has contracted with @krlaframboise To create the edge drivers, but he has done similar Work for a number of companies in the past and is a very talented developer. Should he lose interest, I have no doubt that the smartest house would find other developers to do the edge drivers for Zooz products.

I don’t want to take this thread off topic, so if you have other questions about Zooz devices, please start a new topic under

Their devices have been very popular in the community, and I am sure you will get a lot of comments. :sunglasses:

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I like Edge drivers a lot more than groovy and anyone can ask for the link to my Zooz channel, but Edge is still beta and the announcement for it even says “This first release is primarily targeted for developers and advanced users” so it doesn’t make sense to push all users towards drivers yet.

Besides the known bugs with Edge that they still haven’t fixed, the biggest issue is that they don’t use live logging so end users can’t post the logging results when they’re having a problem unless they’re willing to install the CLI.

Without the logs it’s extremely difficult to determine if the issue is a user error, a mesh problem, a defective device, or a bug with the driver.

Getting the Zooz devices officially supported by ST is currently a higher priority than writing drivers.

This is the other reason I’m not rushing the Zooz drivers…


LIFX (rgbw lighting) has a big sale on select models. Check the SmartThings app for which models are included in the integration.

These are WiFi devices even though they call one model “Z lighting.”

These have always been among the brightest smart bulbs you can buy, with some models at 1100 lumens (closer to a 75 w equivalent than the typical 60 w equivalent of most brands). :bulb::bulb::bulb:

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@JDRoberts I love ya, man, but sometimes you have to put 2 and 2 together.

Look at the Zen31 for example – clearly looks like the Fibaro

Oh, and check out the FCCID on FCC ID Search | Federal Communications Commission

Grantee Code: 2AA9m
Product Code: fgrgbw442

Applicant: Fibar Group S.A. ul. Serdeczna 3 Wysogotowo N/A Poland

'nuff said on this thread – back to BF deal$!

Anyone else see any deals on other switches/dimmers that have scene control and will have Edge drivers that ST supports?

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It’s always possible that one company licenses its design to another. In the case of that specific model, it looks like Fibaro was the original manufacturer, and The Smartest House rebranded it and sold it as Zooz.

Fibar Group is the Polish company I mentioned. And definitely not the same company as the US retailer The Smartest House, who have been very active in this community since long before they introduced Zooz as their house brand.

The main point is that regardless of who the original manufacturer was for a specific model, Community members have had very different tech support experiences with these two companies, Which was the specific issue you mentioned here. Once it gets the Zooz brand, you’re getting your support from the Smartest House. It’s like Kenmore appliances at Sears. They might be manufactured by Whirlpool or GE, but your service relationship is with Sears, and it doesn’t mean that Whirlpool and Sears are the same company.

Good catch on the OEM model, but fortunately That doesn’t mean you’d have the same kind of support issues. :sunglasses:

Submitted with respect.

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I couldn’t be happier with my Zooz products and their support is second to none. I only have one Fibero product (implant) and never needed support for it so I can’t compare the two.

If you have a Costco membership, some of their Black Friday sales just went live. Not all of these have a direct integration with smartthings, although you may be able to use Ifttt or Alexa routines as a partial intermediary, so do your research before buying. good prices on most of these. :sunglasses:. You will need to sign in with your Costco membership to see the prices.

phyn whole house leak detection, $499
Philips Hue white and color, 4 bulbs for $99.99
Rachio Smart Sprinkler system, $149
First Alert Zwave Smoke Detectors, 3 pack, $79.99
Ecobee Thermostat bundle with one remote temperature sensor and one window open/close sensor, Model EB-STATE3LTVP2-01, $139.99

Feit devices do not work with smartthings, but you can use Alexa as an intermediary for a partial integration For some models.

APC Back-UPS 450 Standby UPS, Black (BN450M) $29.99

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Nice JD. Do you have a link for the z-wave smokes, they don’t come up under that URL/keyword.

Looks like they’ve sold out of those. :disappointed_relieved:

Meross has a small air purifier with a $20 discount on Amazon, with both SmartThings and HomeKit Integration.

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Today only, bundle price at over 40% off for 8” fire tablet plus echo buds or fire tablet plus wireless charging stand.

This is a popular size for use as a control panel/dashboard with the ST app or one of the third party apps like ActionTiles or SharpTools.

Or ear buds included:

Recent Discussion thread

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August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Hub $160

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock $180