Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 26-29, 2021)

Switchbot is offering 30% off site wide plus a series of flash sales which will offer a limited quantity of some models at even higher discounts plus some spin the wheel game I didn’t check the details of. :thinking:

These have a manufacturer-provided ST integration, no custom code required. Some devices are exposed directly, others, particularly the IR blaster, may require setting up a scene in the Switchbot app and then activating it in ST.

Be aware that while the temp/humidity meter is a nice device and you can get real-time updates by asking Alexa, the ST integration for this updates very slowly, some people reporting it takes hours to get an update. So that specific device isn’t great for ST integration. It seems to work faster through IFTTT, so I don’t know why the ST integration is so slow to update for this specific device. :disappointed_relieved: the other Switchbot devices don’t have this issue.

You can find forum threads on many of the individual devices, including the curtain mover, robot button pusher, and IR blaster.

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Abode has a big sale on for Black Friday, with some bundles at 50% off.

This is a standalone security system with excellent camera integration and its own home automation rules. You will need to pay a monthly subscription of about $20/month if you want professional monitoring (which should qualify for most insurance company discounts) or six dollars a month if you’re going to self monitor.

Some models are compatible with HomeKit and the system itself has a lot of nice features. It also acts as a hub for both Zigbee and zwave, although not all devices are supported so check the list. But like many security systems you can only use their own branded sensors to trigger alarms, the others are just for home automation rules.

And it has excellent camera integration, including allowing the people at the professional monitoring center to see your camera feed if the alarm is triggered.

In the past, a number of community members have used this for their security system and smartthings for the home automation because it has some of the easiest integration if you’re willing to go through Ifttt.

For example, it’s one of the very few security systems which allows you to trigger on either a security system mode change or the security system being triggered, so you could use that as the IF and then smartthings as that to turn on lights or unlock doors or whatever else you have on smartthings.

It’s also one of the very few security systems that allows you to arm or disarm without a pin code, and you can trigger that change off of Geopresence.

It also has a pretty slick app and works well for multiple family members, not just the primary user.

All of which is to say it’s one of the few inexpensive security systems that fits well with a smartthings type home automation paradigm.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s a reasonable candidate if you’re willing to pay a monthly subscription and you’re OK with an IFTTT integration.

This page lets you compare the features of the basic and pro plans:

And here’s their IFTTT service:

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Have you ordered from here before? It looks kinda dodgy…

I see that references it as an official seller under the where to buy, but the website seems to be dodgy with no real contact information or anything.

Some documents references to a email address. If a Vesternet company, then why not to say that, if belongs to Aeotec (like, then say that, but without a name behind it is kinda dodgy.

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It does, doesn’t it? Smart Matters seems to be operated by IoT Holdings LLC who do business as Aeotec Americas and are the exclusive licensee for Aeotec in North America.


The deal for the Kasa bulb has been replaced by a deal for a Sengled bulb, but note that specific model is a Bluetooth device which will not work with smartthings. :disappointed_relieved:

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Is it that IoT Holdings LLC? And then why is there a email address?

Otherwise is running a discount as well.

@heythisisnate, are you planning any flash sale as well on Black Friday?

@joshua_lyon, are you planning any extra discount at for Black Friday?

Locks are the Special Buy of the Day at Home Depot…

Be sure to check if the lock is compatible with ST before purchasing.


Only our biggest discount ever! Starting today, you can save 50% off your first payment on annual plans!

Black Friday 2021_FB


Cnet has a nice 25$ collection:

The smart home section is near the back, p. 83 when I looked at it. Lots of Hue and Arlo deals at about 30% off, some individual devices from other brands.

Remember that “C by GE” doesn’t work with SmartThings.

Some of the kasa switches are available as limited deals at Amazon

Make sure the model you choose is compatible with ST before purchasing

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30% off Smart Delivery Boxes, Cabinet Locks & Safes with Code BF30

Please note: does not cover door locks and items above are not ST compatible

The Bluetooth-only versions are not compatible, but the ones using the August WiFi Connect bridge may be for basic open/close. Also you may be able to use Alexa routines (not SmartThings routines) for partial integration.

I wonder when The Smartest House will be posting their BF/CM deals?

Tagging @TheSmartestHouse

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