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Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 23-26, 2018)

(Jimmy) #21

true that.

(jkp) #22

Staples BF ad has been posted. Thanks @JDRoberts


Hey, don’t forget Staples will also have several labelmakers on sale half off. (I love labelmakers. :heart_eyes: )

(Realy Living Dream) #24

I still have Fire 4k I haven’t hooked up yet from last year. I don’t like the wifi only so have used it twice on the projector in the yard. Can’t remember how many " extra " google home, mini, Dots. Yet I just ordered the Lenovo Google display ( $99 ) and 2 more of the Insignia Google speakers ( $29ea) and am fighting the urge to order the 4K UHD Nvidia shield with free V3 Dot ( $139 ) .

(Davin K Dameron) #25

My name is Davin and I’m an alc… Oh, nevermind.


There’s a thread for that. :wink:


You should order it, I have 2 shields, one 2015 and one 2017, they are the best android tv box around.

(jkp) #28

Sam’s Club BF ad posted. Be prepared to be disappointed. Posted in 1st thread above.

(Realy Living Dream) #29

I’ve never gotten very excited over Sam’s club ads.

(Richard Bryant) #30

Anyone??? actually need 22 of them. :grin:

(jkp) #31

Keep your eyes on Amazon, Lowe’s and Home Depot as the GE switches are generally not advertised. If they are not offered at a lower price on BF, be patient as they will probably go lower at some point between BF and January. :slight_smile: if I see them I will post it and let you know.

(Realy Living Dream) #32

HD " pre-black Friday sale" starts today. Nothing overly impressive. Schlage door combo for $199- $219, lock only for $120.


A few options to consider…

One) find a model which is carried by the Home Depot, and go to the contractors desk and see if you can get a volume discount price. This will vary from store to store, so you have to do it in person locally

  1. Consider getting the Zooz brand instead and then contact the smartest house to see if you can get a volume discount

(Richard Bryant) #34

They definitely seem to be cheaper than the GE Jasco brand.

i don’t need to pay someone for a DH do I like the Monoprice stuff I hope.


No, but you shouldn’t have to pay for a DTH for the monoprice, either, Unless you want advanced features, and even then, I think only the one for locks would probably be worth it.

Anyway, when custom DTH’s are needed for zooz products to access advanced features, @TheSmartestHouse generally provides them free on their website. There should be a link from the product description there.

(Carl Folke Henschen Edman) #36

For what it is worth, I bought 6 GE/Jasco Switches and 6 GE/Jasco Outlets last year at Amazon for $30 each. Lowest price ever appears to have been $28. Right now the toggle switches are $34.50.

(jkp) #37

Samsung BF has been posted above.


We’ll have all of the Zooz switches (except for ZEN24 toggle dimmer which is in low stock) on sale during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday week so feel free to check back on the website or if you’d like to get a quote for 22 units now, get in touch here:

Custom device handlers are always free, so is lifetime US-based tech support for all of Zooz products (it’s our in-house brand).

You also won’t need any add-on switches for 3-way and 4-way installations which will bring your cost down significantly compared to GE. We recommend checking your wiring first to see which models will work best for you. If you’re not sure, just ask our support and we’ll guide you through it.

(Jimmy) #39

wow, deep discounts on the ADT kits that are already marked down. $100 for a kit that was $400 a couple months ago.

(Dan) #40

Hmmmm, not sure that is a good thing, IMHO… Might be the beginning of the end of the ADT/SmartThings experiment.