Amazon deals for November 16, 2018

  • Echo Dot 3rd gen. (3 pack) $70
  • Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System
    *1 Camera Kit $66.99
    *2 Camera Kit $113.99
    *3 Camera Kit. $153.99
    *5 Camera Kit. $233.99
    *Add-On Camera $71.99
  • Fire HD 7 Kids: $70 (Reg. $100)
  • Fire HD 8 Kids: $90 (Reg. $120)
  • Fire HD 10: $100 (Reg. $150)
  • Fire HD 10 Kids: $150 (Reg. $200)
  • 2 Echo Spot $160
  • 2 Echo Show (2nd gen.). $340
  • Ring Alarm – Home Security System $189
  • Echo Sub and two Echo Plus (second-gen): $330 (save $100)
  • Echo Sub and two Echos (second-gen): $250 (save $80)
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Thanks jkp.

Does anybody have real world experience with the Blink cameras? The Amazon reviews seem to be all over the board.

YouTube camera review videos may help - some go a long way to normalize conditions between cameras and tests.

It’s better than no camera, but sometimes it’s close to no camera, particularly at night. Just enough detail to make you think “what the heck was that”.

Battery cameras have to compromise factors.

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" everybody " loved Blink, until Amazon bought them & shut off all the 3rd party integrations.


Amen Brother!!!

I have had a Blink (an original indoor model) mounted in a corner of the opening of one of my garage doors for almost two years. The battery life is pretty much as advertised and it’s a tough little bugger, having survived with no damage a 7’ drop to the concrete below that popped apart its case as well as a couple of subzero New York winters with no protection other than the overhang of the door opening.

I’ve never owned another camera so don’t have much to share re: video performance comparisons, but it meets my needs even at night (especially when the motion activated lights over the garage supplement its built in LED; even without that the videos are passable).

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@jkp posted a QVC deal that beats the above when buying the sub separately.

To add to that, for first time buyers, you receive a $10 off Promo code so that brings the price down to $90 for 2 Echos. Add the sub for $130 and that total is $220.

Now if the Sub goes on sale…then you will have even more savings!

I recently purchased the 2 Echo Plus+Sub for $330 and I do not believe it’s worth it after sound testing.

I have 8 of them and LOVED them when they worked with ST through RBoys integration. Now they are just blah. Motion alerts through IFTTT can take over 1 hour before your receive them.

For stand along cameras, they are good. For Smart Cameras, they suck in their current state.


I never was able to find this deal… Was it only on the 16th? Awesome deal!

Yes, some of the deals are constantly changing as Amazon rotates deals. Check back on BF, they may change again. Today’s deals are on fire TVs