Best Buy Smartthings ADT Panel Security Starter Kit

BestBuy has the Starter Kit for 151 right now. For folks looking to get the ADT Panel this may not be a better time.

Best to wait for Samsung’s Black Friday deal when it will be on sale for $99


you may also want to ask yourself why is the price so low…


I think part of the reason this looks so off is because it was atleast twice the cost of what it should have been at the beginning. 599 was freaking crazy. 299 or 250 would have been more appropriate. A sale price of 99 or 150 would seem so off it that was the case

I think, based on experience with ADT, that @jdroberts may be correct in what he posted into another thread. ADT might simply be subsidizing some of the cost of the hardware because they know they can get the recurring monthly or yearly revenue from a monitoring contract. Just like they will put a “free” system in your house when you sign up for a three-year contract.