Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

Update: The White model price has changed to 44% off at $44.99 US now.

I got 2 this morning at the 39.99.


more Black Friday pricing is appearing at Amazon

TP-Link Tapo Matter Supported Smart Plug Mini $27

Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote, Compatible with Apple HomeKit $40

Meross Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener Remote (non homeKit) $23.50

Save up to 40%

Switchbot products at Amazon


up to 50% off

Meross is offering a bunch of Black Friday deals on their UK models ar Amazon in the UK this year. Some excellent prices.

One interesting device, which is pretty new is an interlinked smoke and heat detector for under £40. (Under £30 at the Black Friday sale link above)

Ever since Scotland introduced the requirement that smoke sensors also have a heat sensor, it’s been harder to find smart smoke detectors. This looks like it’s hoping to help fill that gap.

The alarms are interlinked on the most basic level: if one starts to chirp, the others will chirp, too. Obviously not as helpful as models which announce where the fire has been detected, like “smoke has been detected in the kitchen“ but better than nothing.

One issue that might make them not to code where you live is that these are battery operated, not mains powered. You Might have to convert them to mains power, but fortunately, since they just used two AA batteries, it should be quite simple to use a dummy battery pack for that.

The product description says it’s compatible with smartthings, but I don’t know the details of the integration.

These do require their own minihub, like a number of the numerous battery powered devices, but that’s really just like a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi bridge, once you set it up, you shouldn’t have to do anything with it again.


Oh, and here’s the Meross US deals page at Amazon. No smoke sensor in that region, but lots of other good stuff.

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Since I just mentioned dummy batteries, the source I use most often is battery eliminators. It’s true that these products cost more than some of the ones you can get at amazon or, but they are wellengineered, manufactured in the US, and come in most battery sizes. They do ship to the EU and the UK, as well as the US and Canada.

This company started out designing for airplane use, so they put a lot of thought into fire safety. These are professional grade units.

They do have a black Friday sale right now on all of their dummy packs that connect via USB, so those would work in any region.

Remember that batteries are themselves low-voltage compared to a wall outlet, so they will always need a transformer or Wall wart of some kind even if they are shown with a plug on the end of the cable unless they have been specifically engineered otherwise. So the USB models make sense.

I would buy regular plug-in models from battery eliminators, but not from a lot of the really cheap models because of fire safety concerns. Especially for some thing which is going to be plugged in all the time, so like most home automation equipment.


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TP-Link‘s 1st Matter Smart Light Switch $17

Aqara Door and Window Sensor P2, Matter Over Thread $21

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2 Likes Certified Refurbished Ring Alarm Contact Sensor (2nd Gen)

6-pack $51 or 2-pack $17

US (CA?) Only Aeotec Black Friday sales with up to 50% Off

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this is a Blue Friday deal for a product that has not been released yet :slight_smile: you got to love those!

[Preorder] Smart Fan/Light Canopy Module
AC Motor Fans Only
Blue Series • Zigbee

Estimated Mass Production is end of February 2024.

Shane Watley has a good list of Black Friday deals for devices that work with Apple home. Many will also work with smartthings, but do your research. Includes a bunch of Matter devices. :sunglasses:

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For US,CA,UK,DE buyers, Lewis mentions matter and zigbee a lot.

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@AutomateYourLife Brian has it

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@craigstechtalk Thanks Craig

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Has anyone purchased the Aqara Matter Lock?

Amazon has a black Friday deal on the black model of the SmartThings station—down to $43. (The previous deal was only on the white model. ) This includes the power brick. If you’re looking for this particular device, this is a great deal. Remember that it doesn’t have Z wave.

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If there any users interested in Unifi, they are having a rare Black Friday Deal on a few Dream Machines


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:fire: Black Friday Sale :fire:

Our best offer of the year is here! Subscribe to the yearly plan and get 50% off your first payment! Offer expires 11/29.