Locks in a Google\Alexa Scene

Oh, will you allow me to lock a door as part of the Google Night Routine?
For some stupid reason, I can not lock my door automaticaly.

Are you trying to use a scene or an automation or an actual google voice routine?

Google voice routine starts the ST scene.
The same “Good Night” scene I have assigned for buttons and in a phones favorites

As Smartthings does not allow users to run scenes that include locks. So, in my scene there is a virtual button, the automatics sends a blocking command to the lock.

i have to use all the bells and whistles just to have consistent routine between devices. Thanks to unknown smartthings manager who made the decisions on locks.

I had a note here about locks which turned out just to be incorrect, as @veonua noted below. I appreciate the correction, so I’m removing this now, as it would only be confusing. My bad.

Have you read your own (non-official and outdated) link?

For security, your locks cannot be unlocked by voice. However, if your property installed smart locks, you can use these commands to either lock your door or check its status.

  • “Hey Google, lock my door.”
  • “Hey Google, is my door unlocked?”
  • “Hey Google, is my door locked?”

in SmartThings it is not possible to work with locks at all. If a lock is a part of a scene the scene is filtered out from the list.

if your property installed smart locks

is not a ST case

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here is the official Google documentation Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers

the expected behavior - is the “pin needed” section

User Unlock the door.
Google Assistant Can I have your security code?
User 333444
Google Assistant Unlocking the door.

Note: You should use secondary user verification for this trait.
please read it carefully and send a copy to the ST platform decision maker.

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I have a QuikSet Z-wave lock in my “Good Night” and it runs fine.

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I have an automation lock my Quickeset z-wave lock every night and it works too.

I moved this discussion to its own topic.


Are you using Alexa or Google routine?

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I don’t use Alexa or Google Home. I use HomeBridge to make make SmartThings look like a hub to HomeKit for my Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, and HomeKit for many automations and scenes - this is how I get voice control for scenes.

I still run a “Good Night” on SmartThings, though, which shuts off all lights, and locks the doors. It’s been pretty solid for months.

I think it is little bit unrelevant as you are not using ST native assistant integrations.

but just curious, can you ask Siri if the door locked? Can you lock/unlock door without using scenes?

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Both the Google and Alexa integrations were at one point from the community, so I figured the Homebridge smartapp was fair game. (Not hoping for any Samsung - Apple smart home integration until Thread comes along :wink:)

Yes, Siri will both tell me the status of the lock and let me lock/unlock via voice command (thanks for asking - I had not in fact ever tried this.)

I can also lock / unlock manually in both SmartThings and HomeKit. Presence- and time-based automations work fine as well.

the first message is

For non-developers we are working to reduce the need to use virtual switches. In most cases virtual switches are being used as a workaround in a rule or with a voice integration. Work is being done to improve those experiences.

As far as I understand the HomeBridge requires a dedicated hardware that even more advanced than virtual switches.
So your case seems to be far from “ordinary ST user” use case.

  • still hoping that ST is going to have latest and greatest features and integrations including Thread
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