BigAssFan Hiaku + Harmony (SmartThings Enabled Work Around)

For the longest time I’ve been trying to tie my three BigAssFan Hiaku series fans into the SmartThings ecosystem. The goal was to have my BAF LED lights turn on when my wife arrived along with the rest of the house lights during sunset/sunrise. This was impossible as BAF doesn’t have an open API. I was successful in teaching my three Harmony hubs the commands to fans. In doing so it gave me the ability to setup an activity that triggers when my wife arrives home powering on the LED fan lights.

The use case for this can also be used as mode restricted motion lighting, or adjusting the speed of the fan based on certain modes. If anyone else has been trying to get their Haiku enabled BAF into the SmartThings try this approach.

I would like to see some of your use cases and stories as I’m always looking to expand on the logic behind my automation.

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