[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

Hubitat has a built in DH for the Hampton Bay Fan controller and it works quite well. No need to port a DTH from Smartthings.

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I switched to new version, adjusted slider to control fan, but Alexa still struggled to respond properly from voice commands.

I would double check the preferences in the IDE for dimmer as fan control. The DTH changed how that worked several times and sometimes old values stick in there. It should look like the screenshot below. If there’s “extra stuff”, edit the device preferences from the IDE, clear it all out, then go back in the app and select use dimmer as fan control. If that still doesn’t work, I would temporarily set the device to a stock fan handler, delete the entire DTH, and then add it back in and select it to the fan again. If that still doesn’t work, you may have to delete and re-add the device, or try and copy some logs for why it’s not setting.

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Sorry to bug, but is there a new version of this controller, or are we all still using dcoffing’s original KOF-CeilingFan that hasn’t been updated for 3 years?

I’m asking you @adrian97c because you mention a new version.

To be clear, I"m on ST not Hubitat

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Yes, there is a new version that works great in the new app here https://github.com/rafaelborja/SmartthingsKingOfFansZigbee

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Super great. This new version has addressed some unsolvable problems for me. Thank you for the info

And thank you all for the work!

Just be aware for me, I can’t get Alexa to turn on using a specific setting (Alexa turn on fan at 75%), I’m thinking of going back to the old handler :worried:

Everything looks same… I might try to delete whole device & start from scratch like you mentioned. This will be my last effort before going back to old handler. Thx for the suggestions

What if you say “Alexa, set fan to 75%”?

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That’s what I usually say

Go to the fan device in the app go, go to settings, and change “what should the dimmer control” to “fan”.

Now Alexa will be able to control the fan AND the light - “alexa, set bedroom fan to 50%” or “alexa, set bedroom fan light to 50%”.

Thanks, that was the first thing I did after installing the new handler. ‘Alexa turn on fan to 75%’, then she makes that ‘ding’ sound, letting me know she accepted the command… but nothing happens lol. I have to open up Alexa or ST app on phone & actually turn it on that way.

If you can control the dimmer slider in the Smartthings app and the fan responds, that should really show it’s not a problem with the DTH. Also, it sounds like you can control it with the Alexa app but not a voice command? If the device can be controlled with the Alexa app it shows it is making the connection with Alexa, but its really weird you can’t control by voice then. Maybe she doesn’t like the name of the device? Possibly renaming it might help- you can try doing that on the Alexa side first. Did you have the old Alexa skill and have to upgrade to the new one? If so something might have went wrong in that process. What if you delete the device in Alexa and then run a discovery again? I just can’t imagine what else could be wrong, I’m sure it must be frustrating.


I’ve been using the KOF DTH for a while now on the Samsung Classic app and it’s been great. I’ve integrated it with my Ecobee remote sensors to automate the fan speed based off temperature in each room as well as motion. If the temp goes up above a predefined temp (that I input in the GUI for the KOF automation) the fan speed increases. If no motion detected for “x” minutes, the fan turns off.

With Samsung forcing our hand to transition to the new SmartThings app - does this new DTH version support the temp/motion automation like it did in the Classic app?

Or just fan speed control “manually” without it being automated?

I have it linked to automations in the smartlighting app and webcore working fine. What are you using to trigger your current ones?

You can do stuff like this in the automations part of the new app too

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Thank you!

In the SmartThings Classic version, there was this automation tool which was basically a way to run everything all in one. I just tried to replicate this using the automations feature of the new SmartThings app and it took about 6 separate automations to do so.

In the SmartThings Classic app, I could program a set point of 77 degrees where the fan will turn off. If it was 78 degrees, fan would go on low. 79 degrees, fan would go on high. 80 degrees, fan would go on max. The fan would only turn on if there was also motion detected in that room by my Ecobee sensor AND if the ST location mode was “home”. This was done all in the same automation “app” (image below)

I saw the same automation pop up in the “Smart App” section of the new app but it does not work.

Do you know if there’s a way to make it work again in the new app? I’ve attached an image of what it pops up as under “Smart Apps”

I’ve never used that app before, but it likely would need updating to work in the new app with the new handler. It was written by dcoffing which was the person that wrote the original DTH for this fan. He is no longer around, and Rafael Borjas was kinda enough to write the new handler that works, but I’m unaware of any plans to update that particular smartapp.