[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

I have 4 cree lightbulbs
When i got smartting about 3weeks ago i had it working with the old dth and out of nowhere it stop working so i deleted it and added the new dth from Rafael and now this one works for about five minutes and then it goes off-line

It could be the Cree bulbs. They can screw up any mesh. Here is something to try.

Remove power from all of your Cree bulbs.

Remove power from your hub (remove the batteries too if it’s a v2 hub) and let it set for 20 minutes.

Power the hub back on but leave the bulbs turned off.

Wait a few hours (up to 24) for the mesh to stabilize and see if the fan works. This will rebuild your zigbee mesh without the bulbs. If it doesn’t, reset and rejoin the fan and see if it works. If it does, now turn on your Cree bulbs and let them find a new path to the hub. The fan should keep working.

If this works, you now know the bulbs are the problem. As long as the hub doesn’t lose power for more than a few minutes things may be ok (I still think your going to need a real zigbee repeater in that room but you might get lucky). If you lose power, you will have to rebuild the mesh all over again to make sure the bulbs aren’t being used as repeaters.

If it’s the bulbs, your other option is to replace them with something like the Sengled that don’t act as repeaters.

Hope some of this helps. When I had my Smartthings hub I had 2 of these controllers running on for a couple years and had to jump through quite a few hoops to keep them working.

Is there a thread somewhere for this new DTH? I’d like to follow it. As as soon as Breeze is added, I’m all over it.

Ok, lucky me, here I go! About a month ago I installed two of these fans. Went through the install, all connected, used the King of Fans (Police reference!), all worked - next day offline.
I disconnected the hub for 30 minutes (power and batteries) and reconnected. Nada.

I just bought and received one of those Peanut electric sockets.

The two rooms with the fans are next to each other. Front wall of house/center of room fan 1/middle wall/center of room fan 2/back wall of house.

The third floor has one large room (the size of both rooms below) and my hub in the rear corner of the room at the back of the house.

I plugged the peanut in on the third floor, on the right wall above where fan 1 is, which puts the peanut one floor above (electric socket is, what, 18" above floor level) and maybe 6’ to the side.

The Peanut immediatly connected.

I waited a half hour, then disconnected (power and batteries) the hub, waited 30 minutes, reconnected, waited an hour.

Still no connections for the fans/lights.

Help please?

Not sure on the peanut as a repeater I use the iris ones mentioned above. The fans have a horrible range.

Try power cycling your fans. If that doesn’t work, you will probably have to reset and rejoin them. You may also need a repeater in each room.

Power cycle fans: Disconnect from power, then reconnect? Not turn off and on…

Reset and rejoin, I’ll do that if the power cycle doesn’t work.

So if I put a repeater in each room, that repeater, since it would be down in a wall socket - would actually be FURTHER from the hub than the fan (ceiling!).

If that’s so - would I need one in each room, PLUS one above in the hub room??

Yes. Kill power to the fans with a wall switch or breaker.

You will have to just kind of put in the repeater and see what happens. Generally, having a repeater above the fan is a better choice but, floor composition, wiring, duct work, etc. can be a factor. It’s a trial and error thing.

When I was on Smartthings I had the peanut plug in our bedroom and it did a pretty good job. The only time I ever ran into issues was when we had a power failure. Sometimes after the power failure the fan would still drop off. Power cycling the fan at the breaker usually fixed it. I only had to reset/rejoin once or twice a year.

The living room fan was in the same room as the Smartthings hub and it was pretty solid without a repeater.

If you have to reset/rejoin don’t delete the fan from Smartthings. Just rejoin it. It may not say it was found in the app but after a minute or so, back out and see if you can control the fan. It will usually be rejoined with your rules still in place.

Good luck!

I have the same problem. I have 3 fans with 3 controller. 2 work flawlessly. 1 refuses to work. Once it connects after about a day it will say connection lost. I remove it and reset the power to the controller. I have even left the smartthings hub unplugged over night. When I go to try to rejoin it never finds the device.

I returned one of these back to home depot and got the same EXACT issue with the next one. I have no way to make it rejoin.

I am using a 45856GE switch as a repeater. The only thing I havent tried is cutting the power to the repeater.

Did you heal your zigbee mesh after you added the repeater by powering down your hub for 20 minutes (pull the batteries too if it has them).

If you did the heal, do you have any smart bulbs and if so, what kind and where are they in relation to your fans?

yes I unplugged the hub and the batteries for 8 hours (overnight) also unplugged the fan controller. Repeater is no more then 15 feet from any one controller.

Do you have any smart bulbs, Cree, Osram, etc.? Is the fan that is having issues the farthest from the repeater? Are the fans and repeater all in the same room?

No smart bulbs. Repeater is in the hallway centrally located between the 3 bedrooms. They are all about equal distance to the repeater.

My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that 1) there is something between the fan and the repeater that is keeping the fan from using it reliably or 2) you have a bad fan controller.

I would lean toward the first. I would try adding another repeater in the room with that fan or to just try, you could move that repeater into that room and rebuild your mesh and see if it works.

Walls, ceilings, etc. can be problematic. It’s more than distance. It’s also what’s in the wall. The angle the signal has to make it to the repeater. A 4 inch wall can look 3 times as thick if the angle is right.

Based on what I’ve read in all of the fan threads (and I’ve read them all) many people have to put a separate repeater in each room with each fan.

The reason I asked about bulbs and light strips is that most of them with the exception of Sengled are lousy repeaters and can screw up your zigbee mesh.

Try adding another repeater or moving the one you have around and see what happens.

I ordered a 3210-L to stick in the same room as the fan I am having problems with. Will get here next week that should tell us if its a range issue.

Hi, I too came over from Wink. I’m using the new DTH and I will be trying the advice Steve has given about removing an Osram bulb and light strip controller to see it fixes the disconnects.

I have a gen 3 hub and the fan only disconnects when the door of the room that the hub is in is closed. I ordered some Tradfri outlets to help out as well. Hopefully they are good repeaters.

Btw, has anyone noticed the history section of the fan light? Mine shows a constant status update every minute. None of my other lights do this. It’s constantly polling. Can someone check their history and let me know if it is just mine that’s doing it? I would appreciate it.

Still not connecting - still moving the zigbee socket around, though.

Should “unsecure rejoin” be false or true?

I have mine set to “unsecure true”

On a lark, I decided to look at my four fans, and saw this in the IDE:

I don’t know if the “path” setting is new, or if I just never noticed it, but I do have a smart bulb in the attic so I don’t have to reach for the switch. It would appear that all four fans in my house are connected through the attic light. My hub is in one bedroom closet, and two of the fans are in rooms right next to it…but my attic light is right above the hub. Interesting that they’re all going through that light. Heck, even some of my door sensors are going through it. Can you put a light (or peanut) in your attic?

[EDIT] There’s a “Path” for Z-Wave as well. Cool!

So hopefully I am not speaking to soon but I added a 3210-L in the room I was having difficulty with 1 fan. It now works and seems to be staying connected. This is lame because the distance to the light switch is 15 feet. With the bedroom door open its literally line of sight. The receivers in these fans has to be SUPER weak. I’ll report back in a couple days if the fan stays connected.

It’s been a couple days now and with the addition of the 3210-L it works flawlessly now.