[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

I’m not an expert here was hoping one of the forum members is. But from yours post to me it looks like its polling the crap out of the fan. I do see 1 transmit failures in yours as well. I have had 2 transmit failures which I then had to remove the device and replace it to get it working again.

From my naive look at the data the number of packets from the hub to my switch should be around the same as the number of packets from the switch to the fan. For me I see an order of magnitude more going from the switch to the fan. Just seems off to me but I’m not a zigbee guy so could be talking out my behind.

If it’s not the one that comes pre-installed in the fan already then no, I’d have to purchase it and install it. That was one of the sources of my confusion - I wasn’t sure if I needed to purchase the controller or not since I already had a wink-enabled fan. I assumed the controller would be the same.

Ok, i’m gonna assume you have the correct fan controller. Basically you need to install the DTH for the fan controller so it works in SmartThings. Think of a DTH as a driver for a video card or computer mouse. If you watch this video it should basically guide you thru all the steps. He’ll do a better job than i ever can. Go to 11:50 in the video, this is where the guy starts setup. https://youtu.be/lK_c4hXpQBs?t=691

However i want say that this video is old and is based on the first DTH but it will guide you on what you need to do. However, you should watch this other video on how to link Github to your SmartThings IDE

The DTH you need is here https://github.com/rafaelborja/SmartthingsKingOfFansZigbee

Just watch those videos, put all that information together and grab the files from that github page.

Posts still seem active, but I don’t see anything about getting this to be compatible with the new app. Primary question to that is I’d like to import into google home, but its only importing the devices that are in the new app. Is there a way to get devices from classic app or is anyone working to develop integration with the new app?

Integration with the new app works. I’ve been using it for a few days now and works with Google home. The link I posted above takes you to the new DTH.

Yea I agree. I’ve been using the old DTH and just switched over to the new one from Rafael and Google home integration has been restored, though I still needed to create a virtual switch for the light

I’m actually curious on why you have to make a virtual switch for the light.

At this time Google home does not support child devices anymore

That’s weird. It works for me.

Ok so I moved to the new device handler!! Super glad I did, it works so much better.

Was super painless!!!

  1. Deleted the old child devices in app.
  2. Deleted old main fan in app.
  3. Deleted 3 old dth on api website.
  4. Added 2 new dth on api website.
  5. Did manual switch reset by toggling 5 times for 3 seconds each time.
  6. Added device in new app by doing generic search for new thing.
  7. Random”thing” found renamed fan.
  8. Went to api website selected main dth, clicked simulator, selected hub, selected the new thing I renamed, clicked install at the bottom.
  9. In new app fan instantly update to using new DTH all is good in the world.

Anybody have weird behavior with this device after a power outage? It’s happened twice to me. It becomes unresponsive to zigbee commands. The first time it fixed itself, this last time noting seems to bring it back.

Might have to re-set and re-add it next.

In the past that is what caused my issues. If you search the thread you’ll see my posts. I fixed it a few times deleting the child devices and doing recreate process.

Also you could switch to the new device handler and fix it that way. See my post above yours. Super easy 5 minute fix.

I didn’t even realize there is a newer DTH.

I was able to reset it, and re-add it with the old DTH and worked fine.

[edit] Just removed and re-added with the new DTH. Seems simplier with only 2 parts, and I like that I can use a dimmer type command for the fan vs all those separate devices.

Thank you! This was super helpful and I was able to use it to add one of my fans to the hub.

Unfortunately, it won’t work with my second fan because while doing the install, I discovered that the wink antenna had actually been sliced during its original installation,… and while trying to splice it together myself, I ended up shorting out the controller -_-.

Glad it worked out for you. Unfortunate about the second fan tho…

Hey i got Mines to work and then five minutes Later i tried turning on the fanlight and it says off-line ![image|230x500](upload://r7dCCVMJXhHGaaVJHzlH8pBjgaM.p

Do you have a zigbee repeater in the same room as the fan, and if so, what kind? These devices have lousy radios and really need a repeater.

Did you route the zigbee antenna (looks like a “T” ) outside the canopy?

Could you have accidentally cut the antenna wire when you routed it outside the canopy.

Hey i have the Home Decorators Collection Gardinier 52 in. LED Indoor Brushed Nickel WINK Enabled Smart Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit with Remote Control
I had it working with wink for about 2years i just switch for wink to smartthings i have the fan i room away from the router

I use these the Iris 3210-L

Crazy cheap for 5 of them on eBay. Best repeater i have found. Has Zigbee and ZWave.

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I can’t comment on the performance on wink but, when I had these fan controllers connected to Smartthings, they needed zigbee repeaters to stay connected. Some have even needed repeaters if the fan was in the same room as the hub. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of posts in this forum about the issue. You can try a reset and rejoin in case there was a join problem.

Do you have any zigbee lightbulbs (cree, OSRAM, etc) or Sylvania/Lightify led strips? If you do that might be it too. They are AWFUL repeaters and can cause mesh issues. Singled bulbs don’t repeat so they would be ok.