[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

The power cycle cannot be done with the remote. It needs to be done with the light switch (if you have one) or the breaker. It’s a really finicky process so you have to try different timings for the on/off until you get it to work.

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OK, that does clarify it a bit. I’ve already tried a few different scenarios / sequences and still have not resulted to the light cycling for confirmation. This is frustrating!!! Lol

I had to do it from the breaker too, and by myself, so I couldn’t see if the fan reset off not. I just did it for the 5 cycles, multiple times with different timings, to make sure it worked. Afterwards, I needed to hit buttons on the remote randomly and it showed up right away in smartthings.

UPDATE to post 276 above:

It appears that other device handlers that use Composite Devices like this DTH are having similar issues. ST engineers are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. It may be related to the outages over the past few days. I will let you know of any updates I receive. Till then, hang tight and use the workaround I listed above.


OK so I can install the Hampton Bay controller in place of the fan and light switches. I have a recessed 2 gang outlet box to replace current smaller 2 gang box. Waiting for the usb power switch to arrive and then attempting to install the Hampton Bay controller and usb outlet in the recessed box. Assuming I get that done I will mount a tablet in front of the box and provide power from new usb outlet. 1515353209968337043696 Oh and yes the fan works great with the DTH.

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Cool, nice job. It fits in that box?

It will fit in the box with some modifications. Unfortunately the Fire HD8
in the frame does not completely cover the box when mounted. Will have to
see how it looks layer this week when have time to finish. Here is the
recessed box I am going to use.

Another update on the tile/status update issues:

I received feedback that the issues we are experiencing are expected to be fixed with the next SmartThings platform deployment (might be a week or 2). Till then just apply the workaround.


Everything seems to work with the workaround. The only problem I have is, when I add multiple devices. I added the spare bedroom first, everything works perfectly with smarthings and alexa. Then i add the master bedroom and now, nothing works on smart things for the spare bedroom or alexa. Then I remove the master bedroom and everything works again for the spare bedroom.

Is there a certain way to add multiple of these devices?


Great news. I got word that Smartthings pushed a platform update today. I removed the comments and everything seems to be functioning as it did before.

I am running a slightly different version of the DTH so feel free to undo the workaround and test. Hopefully everything is back to normal again.

Big thanks to @joshua_lyon for working with the ST engineers and keeping me in the loop on this.


It seems to be back to normal operation now. Thanks for working to stay on top of this annoying issue.

Do we know why the Fan Speeds still don’t show Their correct names in the smartthings app? see the screenshot that @TedB provided. Should the multiple fans read High, Medium High, Medium, Low, ComfortBreeze?

For most, it was caused by a platform issue that Smartthings just resolved yesterday. If you are still having this issue, try hitting the refresh button and cycling through the fan speeds. Please make sure you revert to the original Handler first.

Otherwise, you will need to post details of your issue.

Mine is working great.
Thanks guys for staying on this.

Ted B

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Picked up two controllers from KOF last week and they work great. Thank you for the initiative and continual improvement. Have a questions about scenes.

I have 5 fans on the patio, 3 are controlled by GE 3-Speed Switches and 2 by the MR101Z. I would like to add the Fans with the MR101Z to a patio Scene but the scene setup is not allowing to set the fan speed or seeing the child Fans. Basically want all the fans to come on at medium level when the scene runs.

Thanks, Glenn

This is a known issue with Scenes and composite devices (like this one). I was told it is on their “todo” list. In the meantime you can access everything through Routines. While it is not difficult to get working with a small edit of the DTH there are some caveats.

  1. If you have any of the child devices (fan speeds and light) included in any smartApps or automations, they will have to be removed first. This will apply to ALL fan controllers you have configured.
  2. The change will make all the child devices (High,Low, Med, etc) show up in your Things list. If you have a few of these controller like I do, it can get messy quickly and was one of the primary reason I went with the composite setup.
  3. You probably would rather wait till they fix the issue on the backend rather than make this edit because you will have to do all the steps all over again if you wish to rehide all the child devices.

See below if Scene access is REALLY important to you.

Step 1: VERY IMPORTANT!! - remove the fan child devices from any automations or smartapp. If they are included in any automations, the necessary rebuild will generate errors. This will have to be done for **ALL fan controllers you have setup.

Step 2: Read Step 1 again and make sure you understand what is needed. Then at line 234 of the KOF Zigbee Fan Controller DTH , change “isComponent: true” to “isComponent: false

Step 3: This needs to be done for each Fan Controller you have.
In the ST app open the Fan Thing. Click on the cog in the top right corner. Toggle on the “Delete and recreate” Button. Then click Save. This will delete all the fan speeds and light child devices and recreate them. They should now appear in your Things list and should be available for selection in Scenes. You can now readd to any smartApps as well.

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I’ve scanned through this and another thread on fan control, and am not quite clear.

Can anyone confirm if this system will work on a Hunter fan? I have one that’s about 10 years old, no chains or direction toggles on the fan. Control is via a single wall switch that can turn power to the unit on/off. We just leave the wall switch on all the time and use the fan remote for light and fan direction/speed. No separate wiring for fan vs. light on the wall switch.

Does this have potential to work, or non-starter?


You might have to replace the module that is in your fan with this one. I had to do that with the remote controlled ones I had in my bedrooms. You just have to make sure the motor and lights run on 120VAC.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

AFAIK everything on the fan is connected to 120V on the wall switch. Is it common in these types of fans to have a step down unit that reduces voltage to the fan motor?

And when you say “module” I assume you mean I’d need to purchase the MRZ101Z unit and the remote, and the MRZ101Z replaces the receiver in the fan fixture, correct?