[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

Did you try and just change the DTH from thing to the KOF Fan DTH? That’s what I would do first. You could then just use the option to rebuild the children and I think that may work. It should have picked it up but something must be amiss with the fingerprint. Just guessing here.

i republished the DH’s. I had to manually select the DH from the drop as i did before but this time it worked

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These KOF controllers can be a bit finicky at times.

Very strange…

FWIW, I had mine go unavailable on me not long ago, with every single other Zigbee device on my network. Readding and resetting the device type while time consuming, was easy as pie… Not sure why the DTH needed to be republished for you. Sounds like a hiccup in the IDE…

Oh, FWIW, unless my wife has other plans for my time, this weekend will be controller #2 installed. I am adding a light kit, swap out the existing in wall fan only control switch (dumb control) for a standard Decora on / off wall switch, and then install the light kit, test this, and THEN install the controller…

After that I have 1 more in my inventory to install… That one is going into the back bedroom.

I have 2 more I need to get and install, but I need to replace the fans themselves too…

I am having the EXACT same issue. I had this working before, no problems for almost 2 years; went to add another fan, and couldn’t pair it, and actually removed my existing one. Now I get the 5 blinky lights when pairing with classic app, but nothing appears. Tried everything.
Did you ever get this resolved?

I stumbled upon the following post and ended up modifying the device handler and adding

device.endpointId = 1

just before every Zigbee method called within the code. That fixed it for me.

Would you mind sharing the code, or where exactly those calls are being made? I am not a developer, but have been reading through the SmartThings developer documentation to figure out what a Zigbee method call looks like, and the closet thing I can find in the documentation is:
def event = zigbee.getEvent(description)
def descMap = zigbee.parseDescriptionAsMap(description)

There is a low probability that the code above references the method you are referring to, so any examples would be very helpful. Thank You!

  1. Copy the device handler text into a text editor, e.g. Notepad. Search for “zigbee.” (note the dot at the end). Wherever you see an instance, precede that line with “device.endpointId = 1”. There should be seven areas. For example,

    device.endpointId = 1
    zigbee.onOffRefresh() + zigbee.levelRefresh() + zigbee.readAttribute(0x0202, 0x0000)

    Also, search for the following and give it a unique name

    metadata {
    definition (name: “KOF Zigbee Fan Controller”,…

  2. Create and publish a new Device Handler with the modified text from Step 1.

  3. Create your fan device manually and choose the new device handler for your device. You’ll also need your Device Network ID (dni) and Zigbee ID (d) from the zbjoin event which you can get from Hub Events (Go to “My Hubs”, click “List Events”). If you don’t see the zbjoin event, reset and pair the fan controller again. You should see it now.

  4. Make sure the light child device uses the original child device handler and has the same Device Network ID as the parent (with “-light” appended to it).

Assuming your fan is paired and the above is complete, it should work.

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@sblock23 - Thank you for taking the time to reply and give me some advice. I know you probably have better things to do, but your help is much appreciated.
After 4+ hours of trying, I could not get this to work.
I created a copy of the KOF device handler and added the device.endpointId = 1 to the line above all seven sections that have the Zigbee. statement in them, and created a new device handler with this modified copy.
I manually added a device and used the Device Network ID and Zigbee ID, which was easy found as you directed in your post.
I can see the new Fan and child devices in my ST app, but cannot control the physical unit, and its not showing the correct device status in the app either. When I go to the events of this new fan device, I do see the logs correctly display my actions in the app (Turn On, Off, Refresh, etc), but nothing happens to the physical device.

I still don’t understand how I had this working for years, and after removing the device, not able to re-add or add a new fan.
Here is the modified code I used: https://github.com/cadocomp/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/KOF_Modified

I hope this is something blatantly obvious that I am doing wrong. I guess I can post some screenshots/video clips of what I actually see.

I installed my 2nd fan controller tonight… When I went to add it to smart things it showed up as thing. I had a little trouble logging into the IDE which was odd to me but OK whatever. I went in and simply selected the DTH and restarted smart things. Works exactly how I expect it to.

I have one controller left in my inventory to install and I have 4 more fans to control but 3 of them need to be replaced. 1 of them is a hugger style that just isn’t compatible in 2 of them have bed wobbles to them. 1 of them I got the wobble out but the bracket that mounts with is completely incompatible I would have to basically get a Hampton Bay downright assembly same fit the collar and the hangar assembly so that I could make this work. It is a possibility because my wife and I both like the looks of this 1 fan. The other fan screens 1980s as it is polished brass and cut glass.

The funny thing is the one fan that I don’t really need to replace my wife wants to because it’s just a plain white fan.

I have seen folks here say they need to “republish” their DTHs, not only for this one, but for other custom DTHs. I am assuming since mine are working I don’t need to… Any idea what happened to cause this for other folks?

For anyone else following this thread, @sblock23 was spot on! I also had the Device ID and Zigbee ID reversed, which obviously was never going to work, but the above instructions should get you squared away.

Im not sure at all what the problem was besides maybe a ST issue in itself. prior to my recent conundrum id been running the same DTH since it was upgraded to BETA. I thought it was related to trying to add it to an Nvidia ST link but it did the same thing when i repaired to my original v2 hub.

I’ve heard it mentioned with other DTHs recently which is why I asked. I am not seeing the problem even when I added say the second Hampton Bay controller…

I spent hours trying to figure this out. All it was was that I was using the new app. Installed smartthings classic and now it looks like I expected. Thank you so much.

I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I’m wondering what it would take to make this device handler work with the new Smarttings Connections App. I prefer to use the new app, and the only one of my “things” that doesn’t work well with the new app is this KOF fan controller.

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Begging and pleading with Samsung to integrate a native device handler for this device into the app. To my knowledge teh new SmartThings Connect app doesn’t do custom code… So you are more or less out of luck…

Hi All, hope you can help. DHs are installed and published.
When I add device manually, what category are the fan controls in? I can’t find them. and it’s not being found automatically. I have a v2 hub, and I can’t get the hub closer than 25ft. I’m also only using the wall switch prescribed, not a handheld remote. thoughts?

Is it being discovered as a “thing”? If it is, try manually change the DTH to the the KOF in the IDE. If it isn’t being found, you may have to grab a 25ft Ethernet cable and move the hub closer to the fan. These things have really weak radios. I would bet money you will need a zigbee repeater in the room with the fan to keep it connected once you get it paired too This has been my experience with that controllers (I have 2).

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I have my whole setup now on V3 Mesh Wifi Hubs… Love it my only issue is that these are not Battery backed up. Ok here is how Im set up. I am changing out my Direct KOF controllers for the Universal Smart 4-Speed Ceiling Fan Remote. First one got installed yesterday and its showing up as THING like the older ones when they got hit by a brown out. (kinda hard to put a UPS backup on a ceiling fan hehe) Love the fact that now I have a remote and if the fan scrambles Im not stuck without my fan till I do the reset and rejoin method. Im hoping these new ones fix the problem if not still keeping them due to the remotes… Now gotta print some Wall holders. Also Need to find out why I cannot Dim them … Guess it’s code digging time.

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There is a dip switch in the remote that you flip to enable dimming. BTW, they will only dim down to 20%. The 20% is a hardware thing.