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[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller


(Matt) #544

I cant get it to discover the controller on the old app, not sure if its the controller or ST.

(MarkTr) #545

Do you have a working Zigbee repeater within 10ft of the controller?

(Bradlee S.) #546

Home Depot has a number of fans on sale now with the controller included.

(Matt) #547

Yes I have a Samsung Smartthings zigbee plug near by.


Move your hub close to the fan. You can’t discover devices using a repeater. Has to be direct to the hub.

(Alan) #549

Sharing a success story: Successful Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Installation

(Michael Beatty) #550

Well, got a repeater a few days ago and stuck it in the same room (and rebuild the zigbee mesh) and the device has been rock solid since. Incidentally, the repeater is actually FURTHER from my hub than this fan controller is, further evidence that the receiver is just really bad and has poor range on its own. I’ll continue to monitor and update if anything changes.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #551

I think the light will creep back in there but, I would cap the light wire and if the light goes on or off, it really does not matter.

(Steve Jackson) #552

Great to hear. And yes, the radios are really bad.


Just wanted to post a thank you so you can chock up another successful install to your project. My fanimation controller died and rather than replace it, I discovered the Hampton Bay Universal Smart remote from Home Depot. They next-day shipped it to me and my son and I installed it today. After confirming proper function, I added the three devices and we’re off and running! Thank you!

The only catch I had was when trying to add your repo (manually typing, cut and paste, and retried over and over) I kept getting the error “You don’t have access to dcoffing/KOF-CeilingFan”.notgit
Had no problem accessing the project in my browser, so, no problem, I copied and pasted, my way to success.

Thanks again for your work on this!

(Joshua Greene) #554

Google Home recognizes all the devices and I can turn the fan off but any other action it says it isn’t available.You might want to try setting it up again.

(Cole Calistra) #555

Thanks for the great controller. Hope this isn’t a repeat, but I couldn’t find it through the thread.

I setup 2 of the Hampton Bay controllers. They both work fine with the remote controls. They pair to the app, I can see them on the web and change the controller to the KOF Zigbee Fan Controller type (I tried the Github integration and also tried copying / pasting into my own repo), but the child devices never show up. My screen looks like this:

I’ve done the delete device stuff on the settings screen, but it doesn’t change anything. I don’t have any apps associated to it (deleted the Alexa app so it would update).

I have no doubt I messed up something, but not sure what. Any ideas what I could do from here to troubleshoot?

Thanks in advance!

(Adrian) #556

My fan has 3 speeds only, I upgraded to this remote/receiver, but now on remote & STapp when I press low it’s low, med is med, med-high is HIGH (spins the fastest), & high setting spins back down at medium speed. Any idea why?


So am i just completely out of it, or am I doing this wrong?
I added the smart app, I added the device handlers, i installed 3 Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Wireless Wall Control (1001 309 491)>++++st%3A{1001309491}%3Ast++cnn%3A{0%3A0}++cnt%3A{7%3A0}++1001309491+{productkey}+qu%3A{1001309491}

I cannot get smartthings to add these at all. any suggestions? is there a new setup to follow?



You bought the wrong device - if you want to add to smartthings.

For smartthings, you need the the Hampton Bay Wink controller

What you bought just a wall-switch style remote control.


Well that’ll do it. Darn it. Thanks.

( #560

You can keep wall switch if you want to control fan and light from the wall. Just replace receiver in canopy. You’ll be able to use wall switch and remote, and to control from smartthings app.


Have you published the DTH, not just added it to ST? Also, have you published all 3 of the DTH? There’s the parent and two children.


What type of fan do you have? Is it compatible with the wink controller? What type of controller did you have on it before?

(Adrian) #563

I have Hampton bay pull chain-less fan. It originally came with a basic remote.

But I noticed at some point the high & medium speeds were flip flopped on the remote.

I got around finally to replace the receiver & remote, but to my surprise the problem still exist! I mean at least now I have it connected to my ST hub & Alexa… but the high button still only spins at medium & medium spins at high.