[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

If you have a two story home and there’s a room above the fan, try putting a repeater in there.


It’s a single story.

I powered down my hub for a few minutes last night and turned back on to allow the Zigbee mesh to repair. Today, the fan controller seems to be working perfectly.

All the other times, I would loose hub control of the fan only a few minutes after flipping the breaker. It’s been operating normally all morning so I hope it keeps working.

On another note - is there a more simplified way to setup this fan controller in Action Tiles? I have to use up 5 tiles for 1 fan. I wish there was a way to have 1 tile with all the settings within the 1 tile - similar to a dimmer switch.

Is that the first time you powered down the hub after adding the repeaters? Powering down the hub for 20 minutes or so will rebuild the zigbee mesh and use the repeaters.

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Does it have to be 20 minutes? I powered it down for a few minutes until smartthings sent me a message saying “your hub is offline”.

Everything I’ve read said about 20 minutes. Long enough for all of your devices to go into a panic because they can’t talk to the hub and try and find alternate paths. I’ve also read it can take awhile (maybe a day) before the rebuild is complete.

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it’s a function of the zigbee coordinator in the ST hub, so it doesn’t have much to do with when the ST cloud decides that the hub has gone offline.

I’m no zigbee expert, but I’ve also read that a zigbee heal begins after the hub is powered off for at least 15 mins.

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Can I remove the seperate light device without messing up the fan speed device? I don’t have a light on the fan so I want to remove it off the Smartthings app.

Anyone know if there’s any progress on a native SmartThings fan controller? I’m deeply concerned about the new ST APP and no support for the custom device handler. I know for now you can keep using the old app, but all it takes is one samsung executive to pull the plug.

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How do you get this on the new app? I cant use the old app anymore, they moved me over.

If they pull the plug on the Classic app without a complete migration tool, I will likely be dumping Smartthings and go with something else.

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You can still use the old app. They migrated your login from an ST to a Samsung account but you can use it with either app.

I cant get it to discover the controller on the old app, not sure if its the controller or ST.

Do you have a working Zigbee repeater within 10ft of the controller?

Home Depot has a number of fans on sale now with the controller included.

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Yes I have a Samsung Smartthings zigbee plug near by.

Move your hub close to the fan. You can’t discover devices using a repeater. Has to be direct to the hub.

Sharing a success story: Successful Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Installation


Well, got a repeater a few days ago and stuck it in the same room (and rebuild the zigbee mesh) and the device has been rock solid since. Incidentally, the repeater is actually FURTHER from my hub than this fan controller is, further evidence that the receiver is just really bad and has poor range on its own. I’ll continue to monitor and update if anything changes.


I think the light will creep back in there but, I would cap the light wire and if the light goes on or off, it really does not matter.