Beta test for new 220V stove outlet

Betabound is taking applications for beta testers for a 220V WiFi smart stove outlet.

As always no guarantees, but it can’t hurt to sign up/in and apply to be a tester.
As much as I want to, when I redid the kitchens I was shortsighted and now need to pull the base cabinets out to get to the stove outlet

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I got the email and put in to test it. Sounds interesting.

Signed up as well. Thanks @RLDreams!

Would this also work with a 220V electric clothes dryer?

If you have the proper ( wrong) plug on your dryer, but they are only looking for people to test it on stoves

Any results from this anyone can share?

They are taking applications for a wifi robotic vacuum:

Never heard back about it and did put in for the bot. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it was the Wallflower stove monitor? $150, spendy for a monitor, but all relative versus a fire…

That would be a violation of the NDA. :joy::sunglasses::sunglasses: