[BETA] AirScape Whole House Fan (Gen 2.0) Device Type

I have a device handler that allows for the automation of the AirScape Whole House Fans. These are fans that can respond to network calls, so you will have to have run the ethernet cable to your fan(s).

Check out the README in the repo for instructions. Really looking for someone else to try it out and let me know if you run into problems.

AMAZING! Thank you. This was the first custom device handler that I have installed and it worked flawlessly. Thanks for the code and the instructions!

I looked for this in Nov…and resigned myself to figure this out when I had some free time…was going to start today. So glad you did this.

Thanks so much! Just set this up, it works great, just what I wanted. Any input which app would be best to control what I want to do? Wife complains it gets too cold when the whole house fan is on overnight, so I’d like to to automatically turn off when the temp drops to 64 or below inside the house between 12am and 7am. I have a temp sensor, but I can’t find a simple app to do this. It seems so straight forward.

I have seen one or two smart apps for fans, although I am not sure if they meet your specific needs. They one I found was this:

For what it is worth, I plan on writing a very similar app to what you describe, but even taking it a bit further. I am going to write a smart app that will let you set limits like you specified, but also look up the weather for the coming day to try to keep the temperature in a target comfort zone as long as possible and send notifications.

Thanks Tim!! I finally just broke down and figured out how to use core and then it was pretty easy to do exactly what I wanted.


No problem, if you run into any issues with the device, just submit an issue on the repo! Thanks for the feedback.

Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for this. Installed it tonight and it works perfectly. Awesome!

Nice! You’re welcome!

I’ve tried installing this for my house fan, but the ST app just continually shows “Updating…” (classic app).

My fan is connected to a wireless router that is acting as a wireless bridge to the home automation network. Not sure if there is a port issue or something. I can see the ST live log showing commands being issued when I press a button in the ST app, but nothing happens with the fan.

Wondering where I’ve gone wrong…

Have you tried contacting the fan over the fan API on the same network that you’re smart things hub is on?

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure what you mean.

The airscape app works fine with the house fan connected to the client router which is a wireless bridge to the main router. I can ping the IP address just fine.

However, if I scan all the IP addresses on the network, the IP address for the house fan shows the MAC of the router. Not sure if that is part of the problem with your ST code or not.

So, summary: AirScape app works fine (total control); ST app is stuck on “updating…”; IP address seen easily; airscape MAC not visible on network

Certainly seems like that could be part of it. The code is pretty dumb it just uses the IP address. So if it doesn’t have access to it in the same way it wouldn’t work.

I remember searching for just such a device handler years ago, and resigning myself to writing one, but never did. I’m simply posting to say that this device handler still works perfectly as I just installed it in minutes.

Thankfully, I didn’t have any IP issues. I’m using Google WiFi throughout the house, and the fan is hard connected (of course) to one of the pucks, which is wirelessly connected to the main puck. In my case I was able to pull the IP from the Airscape WH Fan Control app (available on Apple/Google App Stores), but it is also in the Google WiFi app.

Thanks so much for creating this!

Has anyone gotten it to show all the values in the new app? I just recently moved to new app since I was told that the classic support would be going away in Sept.

It looks like a dimmer switch now but most of the settings are not there any more. The Temp readouts are not right. No way to set power. Just shows power setting.

Tim, I am hoping you can update the drive to work with the new app.


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I’m having a similar experience. @tgsoverly, will you be updating this formerly helpful device connector?

I can certainly take a look when I have a minute, it won’t be quick! Maybe in a month or so.

I also look forward to this handler being updated to work with the new app. I am just getting my new Airscape fan w/gen2 controls. Since I am in a colder climate area, it won’t be seeing any use until next spring. I don’t see being able to turn it on automatically unless figure out a way to automate opening my windows. but would be really useful to be able automate shutting it off when the temp drops to a certain point.

@tgsoverly Have you had any change to look at the new device handler format to update the handler to work with the new app. Thanks for any help to update your handler. It has been very useful over the years to have one interface to get to most of my smart devices.