Best Zwave Plus in wall out 2021

Hey guys, what’s the best (and newest) in-wall electric outlet? For inside and outside?
I would like to have repeater/mesh hop (I think most newer ones have this.
For the outside, I have some palm trees I want to have RGB+W spot lights on them.
No heavy appliances needed.
I looked all over for comparison charts on BING, GOOGLE , YAHOO …

As always, there’s no one “best“ because different people have different budgets and different priorities.

If you want the very newest technology, that’s Z wave 700, or “Z wave plus V2.” But I don’t think there are any outlets available with that yet.
So youwould probably have to wait another six or eight months to get one of those.

The current generation is zwave 500, “Z wave plus.“ And these days you should be looking for one with S2 security so it can act as a repeater for other S2 security devices.

The most popular are probably the GE enbrighten line, which are good enough for most people. Leviton (Green LED) and Eva Logik (blue LED) both have models with other features.

I personally like Eaton Cooper devices, and they have a new S2 model, RFTR9605-T, blue Led. And it’s specifically designed for switchable outlet functions, with an accessory switch option. They have their own color palette which matches their own switches but might not match other devices. I really like their silver granite, personally. They also have a configurable “power on“ feature which lets you decide what you want the outlet to do if the power is cut and then restored.


I believe these all have one Z wave controlled outlet and one dumb outlet.

I think Leviton ZW15R offers the most standard faceplate color choices (Light Almond, Ivory, Black, Brown, Gray) , but other than that they are all pretty similar.


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I’m just curious would you know if the
GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus, SmartStart, S2, Tamper-Resistant Smart Outl — ZWaveProducts
No it S2, no one else says it is S2 and I can’t find any definitive info on it.

Also, the has different models ending with Txx. all those models say S2. But am I correct they are $95 each?
Thx for your help

Every certified Z wave device will have a “conformance statement“ posted at the official Z wave alliance products site, and you can always check things like S2 there. In this case.

So yes, it supports S2 security.

I’m afraid I didn’t understand your second question. :thinking:

If you were asking about the Eaton Cooper device, you just have to shop around, the price varies a lot.

Lowes is a distribution partner for Eaton Cooper and often has the lowest price.

Amazon may match that price or not, you have to report it first.

The suffix in Cooper devices is the color and design code. The T is for tamper resistant. So AW is “alpine white“ etc.

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