Alternative Z-Wave Outlets (Cheaper, that work!)


I just thought I’d share this. I bought a few of these Z-Wave power outlets and they work perfectly with SmartThings in the UK. Much cheaper than the Samsung equivalents too.


TKBHome is a popular zwave brand, widely available. Shop around, as I usually see it at prices a little lower than that particular eBay price. If you’re interested in getting several, Vesternet usually has bulk buy prices for lots of four or eight units.

It can also typically be found on Amazon at right around £25. Just make sure you’re getting the Z wave plus version, not the older Zwave classic version. It will either be described as “Z wave plus” or “Gen five” or “series 500.” (These all mean the same thing, the series 500 Z wave plus chip was the fifth generation of Zwave.)

3 Zwave plus models: different features, different prices

Also note that there are three versions of this pocket socket, both in zwave classic and in Z wave plus, so make sure you get the one you want.

There is a base model, which is just an on off switch, but is also able to work with some small appliances like a coffeemaker.

There is a dimmer model, which should only be used with nonnetworked lightbulbs/table lamps. Don’t use this model with anything with a motor.

And there is an energy monitoring model, which is essentially the base model plus the ability to report on energy usage. Some people just like to track energy usage, and others use it to track how long a specific device has been on for. The product description will usually say “plug/meter” for this one.

TKBHome uses the same case for all three of these, so check and make sure that you have received the right one. Look for the model number on the back.

Zwave or Zigbee?

One more thing to note: the Samsung SmartThings branded pocket sockets are Zigbee, not zwave. Zigbee repeats only for Zigbee and zwave repeats only for Z wave. So if your setup includes a number of battery powered zigbee sensors, A Zigbee pocket socket Will give you more range for those, as it will also act as a zigbee repeater. (Of course if you’re using zwave battery-operated sensors, then you’ll want zwave repeaters.)


Thanks for the extra info.