Best Z-wave or Zigbee Smart Plug with Monitoring

Hi, I’m looking to replace my Aeotec Smart plugs since Aeotec is discontinuing most of their z-wave products. I want to be able to Monitor Watts, Volts and Amperes not too concerned about Temp etc.

I’ve used the Switch and Dimmer. I don’t want a wall receptacle.

Also I hope for a name brand and UL Listed. I try to avoid China unregulated crap.


Are you looking for a dimmable lamp socket or on/off capability?
What region are you located in (some z wave options vary by region)?

Where did you hear that aeon Labs was discontinuing “most of their Z wave products” ?

Z wave is the only thing they make, and I haven’t heard that they’re going out of business. That would be really big industry news. And I don’t see most vendors being out of stock.

There are some individual models being discontinued, usually because they’re being replaced with new SmartStart models, but that’s a very different issue.


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They are not going out of business. I inquired about the Z-wave Switch and Z-wave Dimmer. Support told me they are discontinuing them and have no plans to replace them. I seen on their discontinued page a lot of stuff is dropping not sure if they are replacing with new?

I do not use any WiFi devices for home automation. It’s NOT secure ask my neighbor that was a true believer in WiFi home automation devices until 1 night I sat at home and took over his devices turning things on and off. Z-wave and Zigbee can only hookup to 1 device WiFi doesn’t care so its very easy to take control of those devices.

We’re discontinuing the Aeotec product line internally but as far as we know they’re in the process of upgrading many of their products to new models. Since we no longer have a direct relationship with Aeotec we wouldn’t have any details on the status of their products / company.

@Rickinfl here are a few reliable choices for Z-Wave plugs:

Fibaro Plug

Zooz Double Plug

Zooz Power Switch to control and monitor more powerful devices and appliances

Feel free to reach out to our support with questions about any of the products.

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I like Fibaro, I have several of their RGBW Micro Controller Z-wave devices. I like the plug but they don’t have a dimmable plug.