Aeon Labs DSC06016 Discontinued?

I just attempted to pick up a few more of these outlets/plugs and noticed they are MIA. Does anyone know if the time has finally come to where they are discontinued?

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Zwaveproducts has refurbished ones for $19.99

They also have some new in bundles with other devices, you could write them and ask if they’ll sell them individually.

Thanks JD. I did visit that link that day, but they were already sold out. I have confirmed that the Aeon Labs switch has been discontinued :frowning:

Darn, I like those. Not for the power logging (which I haven’t been very successful with so far), but because of the form factor - they can be plugged into the lower outlet, leaving the upper outlet visible and therefore easily used.

Most other smart switches that I have looked at either block both outlets, or must be plugged in to the upper outlet in order to not block the other (lower) outlet. But this renders the one remaining (lower) outlet invisible to anyone whose eyes are more than 12" off the ground :grin:

The GE 12720 zwave outdoor smart switch has a very similar form factor.

On the Aeotech, they are updating their whole line to use Z wave plus. But I don’t know if they’re going to have a new model in the same form factor.