Smart app to set maximum or minimum level on lights

Would be nice to have an app that monitors a set of lights and adjust them down to a max level if the level is greater than the threshold.

Example, a group of led lights from different dimmers are monitored, and a max level is set at 80% in app. If anyone turn up the light on a switch to 100% it is automatically set down to 80%.
This could keep hallways as bright as you want it as a minimum, or extend life length on your led lamps due to 100% level usage.

I know that @rboy already have apps that would have most of the framework as basis controlling in the Device low Battery Notification and Monitoring.

Your thoughts @RBoy ?

Thx a lot for reply @anon36505037 , I use something like this to sync two hue bulbs.
I am thinking a rule that adjust all in a group down to 80%
So if 3 in the group is under 80% they would not be touched, just the ones that is abowe 80%

I could make one for each lamp, but the battery level thingy from @RBoy does just this.
Group, level of battery, then notification pr device.
I have 10 different dimmers i want this to work on for max/min light.

The fibaro dimmer has a MAX level, but i does not work as intended when i set the paramerer.

Cool, look forward to that @anon36505037

Will do, hope it supports lots of “OR” then :slight_smile:

It’s a fairly straight forward case, wondering if it would be easier to
just use the SmartLighting from the Marketplace or CoRE to define a simple
rule to do that, if level is > 80% set to 80%.

It is impossible for CoRE to use that because devices cannot be stored in state. Which means a device cannot be saved in a CoRE variable because the smart app will crash. Which means - well - what you discovered. I’ll see about it in the next version. I have a way there…

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Why would you do it individually? If you’re settings all the lights to a
single settings you should be able to it with a single rule.

100% what i thougt about.

Maintain80 - Example CoRE Piston To Keep Light Levels at 80%

This example will demonstrate how to maintain all lights at a specific level even if a person turn on or raises the level above the maximum which in our example is 80.

The hardest trick to this piston was figuring out how to break up the statements and where to trigger the level change so that it would not affect the other lights. I would suggest you also put another condition of time on this to check every 5 minutes as without it, the continuous calls to see which lights are off could get expensive.

1 or more bulbs

Before starting, set for expert mode: Settings->ExpertFeatures turn ON Expert Mode

Piston Mode: Basic

You will note this will only affect lights that are on by using the call to Set Level Advanced.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box on situations like these. Perhaps the application is commercial rather than residential. In that case, it makes perfect sense to want to save money by limiting light levels. Also, it may be an ambiance type situation whereby setting the levels above a certain level breaks the mood of the space.

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box.


Thx for tips, i have started to build a web core solving it, and web core will solve it even more elegant when finished with some cool new functions. The core you built would work if i make one for each lamp.

Main reason is life length
A Led lamp at 80 % gets a massive longer life length, and in my case 80% is by far bright enough.

I tested my piston with 2 lamps turning on/off with the on state set to 100. The app immediately fired off for either lamp on and over 80. Unless you have very specific details around your lights, it should not require one of these for each lamp, just include all the lamps you wish in the device selection section. Or perhaps I’m reading this wrong :wink: I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you.

Here is my working template for now in Web Core
You might want to look it up, web core is in Alpha stage now, and wow it is going to be a major thing :slight_smile:

Have a great day @alanrosesf
PS created this last evening, so it is fresh.

Thanks. I’ve been keeping an eye on the progress of webcore and will stay away from it for now. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.