Wired Water Sensor

Are there any wired (meaning non-battery) water sensors that work with ST?


There may be something out there but I haven’t seen one. Something you could do is get the Everspring or Fortrezz unit and use an AC to 3 VDC adapter to AC power them. I have a Fortrezz water valve and it includes a water sensor. The unit is powered by an AC to DC adapter. That said, perhaps Fortrezz can advise you on using an adapter with their stand-alone water sensor.


Fibaro’s flood sensor is z-wave and supports hard-wiring or battery.

They’re available elsewhere in the world but they are still “coming soon” for the US (regulatory approval processes causing delays). In theory, they’re shipping in a week or so to people who have contacted them directly, although you have to take that with a grain of salt; they announced at CES in January 2013 that they were coming to the US, and the date has kept slipping and slipping over the past year. I hear they have great products, but irrelevant if you can’t buy their products here yet.

@jamesdvb: Damn, that Fibaro sensor looks great.

Too bad still no Device Type support for the FIBARO Z-Wave flood sensor FGFS-101… Looks like a ST Theme…