Ikea tradfi motion sensore and two ikea tradfri lamps

hi to all, i’m a new user, altought i’m not even a user bynow, since i have to buy a v3 hub from uk (the hub is intended to be used in italy). the problerm i would like to solve is this one:

i have a path that is served by tow ikea tradfri lamps, with two motion sensors, because i come come into the path from the studio room or from the living room. So the question is: is it possible to pair two motion sensors to the same two ikea bulbs? using the “pure” ikea system i can manage 10 lmaps with one motion sensore, but i think i cannot manage one lamp with two motion sensors. Is there any solution to my issue?

smartlighting app will do that for you, you can tag multiple sesors, into one event

which app do ypu refer to? do you mean the ikea tradfri app or another one?

I don’t think this is possible. You want either sensor to turn on 2 lights at the same time. The problem is with the Ikea sensors. They are built to pair with a lamp or lamps and I never managed to get them properly integrated with Smartthings. My advice would be to get different sensors if you’re committed to the Smartthings route.

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yes beacuse if i go outside the bathroom i need the light to be switched on, if i come from the living room i need the light on aswell. do you think that philips hue sensors shopuld solve the problem? i could buy a couple of them. i would like to have a solution on smart things because in the next future i will buy two fibaro switched to remotely open/close two roof windows

I’ve got a mix of sensors. I have an Aeotec Tri sensor in the lounge, an Aeotec Multi sensor in the bathroom, a Fibaro motion sensor (the one that looks like an eye) in the hall, Hive motion sensors in the bedroom, kitchen and utility, and a Hive contact sensor on the toilet door. They range in price from about £30 to about £50. The Hive ones are about £30 and my gut feeling is that they react the fastest. The others are still quick. I’ve tried the others for other reasons - the bathroom for humidity, the lounge for lux.

The problem, I think, is that what might work perfectly for me won’t work perfectly for you. I think there are environment factors that come into play as well with a lot of this stuff.

I don’t know if this is too late, but you can pair two motion sensors together so either one will trigger the required result. Here is a youtube video on pairing them https://youtu.be/6oGRHbfJyh8. I would recommend you pair both lamps to the first sensor, then pair both sensors.

Sorry for posting here, but it seems I don’t have the right to open a new topic yet.
I can add a Tradfi motion sensor (E1745) to the hub (V3), but it doesn’t show anything other than the battery status display, it doesn’t indicate movement. The sensor is good because it works well when paired directly with the lamp.