Best Practices Multiple Accounts? Life360, IFTTT, Amazon Echo

Been searching thru a number of posts trying to get a handle when using multiple accounts of other services with ST and just wanted to get some ideas on best practices.

SmartThings Setup
Our current setup has myself (Person A) as the main account and my wife (Person B) as an invited (shared) user which was setup from this


Both Person A and Person B have their own IFTTT accounts. Currently only my account has been integrated with ST. But I will be adding Person B soon using same method:

Have read this post which has some comments that implies adding second IFTTT user is no problem…

however if anyone has had any issues or knows of any tips or things I should be doing during or prior to adding the second IFTTT user please let me know.


Both Person A and Person B have Life360 accounts, however it was Person B who created (and thus has control) over the main family circle. Question is does it matter which account we use to integrate Life360 into ST using this method?

EDIT (8/25/16): Thanks to @YankeeJohnboy who mentions it is possible to add either Life360 account to ST and then to pull other people within your circle to be used in ST.

I want to add both users to ST and start using the presence sensors of Life360 for ST actions. I’ve read a number of posts (although some are very old) that report issues adding a second user. Some have even suggested adding a second instance of Life360 Connect within ST.

For those that have added second (or more) users into ST, what’s the right way to do this?

Amazon Echo

This is more on the Amazon side of things and not really an issue for ST, but I just wanted to toss it in here in case someone has some helpful tips or tricks with multiple Amazon accounts and integrating them into ST.

Any thoughts and suggestions for any of these would be helpful, thanks.

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I can speak to a few of these points, but there are other members much smarter that may expound further.

Life360: I added my account to ST, and it allowed me to pull in the whole circle for use with presence if so desired. I’m thinking you should be able to pull in your wife’s account and get your 360 presence as well as any others. You can then change your “person” in ST to use the 360 presence instead of your native phone if so desired. In our house, we’ve found that using the native iOS location for my wife works just fine, but my android behaves itself better if I use Life360.

Echo: I would suggest checking out Alexa Helper (simple interface) for expanding the usefulness of the ST integration beyond stock. If you’re really adventurous, there is a more complicated but far more powerful Ask Alexa, but it requires substantially more technical know-how.

Cool, thanks going to editing to show that, I hadn’t see your info and added the Life360 thru my wife’s account since she is the circle owner of our family. So in ST I just registered the Life360 using her “credentials” and then added everyone in our family circle. But it’s good to know that it can be done using anyone within the circle.

Yep, have had Alexa Helper for awhile and I just installed his Ask Alexa but haven’t done very much with it yet. With the Echo (for both Alexa stuff separately and anything ST related) when I have to go thru the Alexa App itself (the one from Amazon) I usually log in as my wife on my iPad. With the Echo’s she’s the registered owner and I’ve found even with their sharing (Amazon Households) it’s better when making changes (even adding new ST devices to Alexa) to go thru the main account holder.