Best practice for leak detection on floor?

Hi all,

Looking for some unique considerations for creating and configuring a leak detector for a basement floor. I’ll be using a z-wave contact sensor with external inputs.

If the device I’m monitoring for leaks sits in a container or a well, it’s fairly easy to position the leads in that container, as it’s a smaller area to be monitored for water accumulation.

But how might you do this for a larger area, like a whole basement floor? The chances of having the leak sensor in just the right place are kind of low. A leak could start in a water filter leaking on the left side of the basement, the well tank next to it, a pipe overhead, or the water heater on the other side of the floor.

Right now I have two leads positioned around the in-ground floor drain, but recently found water running right past them, so no notification.

Interested in any creative ideas. Thanks!

There are several leak detectors available that use cables (included or sold separately) that can detect the presence of water anywhere along the length of the cable. In most instances, additional cables can be added to cover larger areas.



Thanks - good idea. Looking to see if those cables are available individually.

For what’s it worth, I don’t recommend the Resideo (First Alert) detectors pictured if you’re going to use them with SmartThings, Although the detectors themselves work fine, the Resideo integration with SmartThings is almost completely useless.

That was just the best picture I could find on short notice. :smirk:

Thanks. I like my contact sensors with external inputs - they seem to have infinite battery life - so I will stick with them. Just looking for something different to make the contact when water sensed I guess, and what you posted looks like a good idea if it can be spliced in.

I don’t know if I’d depend on it for leak detection, but I made a water level sensor for my Christmas tree just using two strands of wire with the end stripped, connected to external contacts on a WADWAZ-1. As long as they’re in the water the contact is closed, when the level drops the contact opens and I get an alert.

For a floor, you could do something similar with bare wires that run parallel but not touching and loop them around the drain or wherever else. For ease of management you might prefer several individual sensors, then you could make a double loop around or just a parallel strip near each potential leak source.

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I would also suggest placing your detection around the source.

I have one sensor like this in my bathroom. Works great with smartthings. it uses 2 AAA and they last very long

I am using both these in my flat and they have worked well till date.

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