Inexpensive interior door lock?

Anyone know of an inexpensive smart look for an interior door? I’d like to put a smart lock on the door between the garage and the house, but don’t really want to spend $200 to do it.

I bought a Kwikset 910 off eBay for $80 for the same use.
Using the built in DH. Works fine, nothing special. It locks the door every night at 9pm and relocks after 4 minutes of its unlocked between then and 9am.
I think it’s loud when it locks. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.


Thanks, I’ll keep my eye out for one of those. I want to tie mine to a colored bulb and have it change the color to red when locked via a routine. That will give me a quick visual check before going to bed each night.

Follow up question… Did you buy it used off of eBay?

There are new ones on ebay for $80, so I would guess he got it new.
Here’s a listing for $80 for a 910, brand new.

Thanks, I was only looking for the silver one and did not see a new one for less then $110 last night.

I bought a “new” one, but it clearly wasn’t new so I contacted the seller, he refunded my money and never responded. So I got it for free. I guess he didn’t want a bad rating.

Interesting. My biggest concern buying them on eBay is someone opening them up to make copies of the keys, then knowing the address that they sent that lock to. Maybe it’s a little tin foil hat, but there it is.

If you buy one with SmartKey, you can always re-key it with the tool.

I live in an apartment complex that uses Kwikset locks. I got permission from the landlord to put in a smart lock by telling him specifically I would re-key it to the existing key so that our maintenance guy still had access when necessary.

It takes all of about 30 seconds to re-key it. Put in the key it came with, turn it 1/4 turn so the tool slot is on top, put in the tool, pull it back out, pull the key out, put in the new key and turn it back that 1/4 turn. Done.

Good to know, thanks.