Target Sale - Schlage Lock & Aros Air Conditioner

(Ernie) #1

Target has the Schlage Camelot Touchscreen on sale for $139.99 and the Quirky Ge Aros Air Conditioner for $188.99. Sale prices are good online.

(Greg) #2

I highly recommend the schlage. I have it - this is a great price!

(Darryl) #3

Ugh. Want this, but need it with the handle for my front door… :frowning:

(Mike Northrup) #4

Thank you. I just ordered two. Been holding off adding locks to my doors and this price is making me take the plunge.

(Brad B.) #5

(Hugo) #6

Went to home depot and picked up 2 of these at a lower price as they have price match plus 10% off. Got $14 off on each one of them.
Thanks for the heads up, installed one of them and it’s working great !

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #7

Ordered 2 from target for pickup, emailed me this morning no longer available, online order only, now the price is back up to $199. Great deal for those that got it, not cool how Target handled in store pickup.

(Darryl) #8

That was a good idea… Seems the Target sale is gone now.

(Hugo) #9

Yeah I checked my Target order:
April 23, 2015 10248972xxxx 2 Schlage Wink Enabled Deadbolt shipped
I ordered these before I went to home depot as I wanted to play with them that same day I just asked and they said yes on the price match.
So I was going to return those to Target, but seeing as people didn’t get any i’d be willing to sell em on here.
Let me know if you guys are interested.