Best add-on AC control? (Sensibo, Tado, etc)

Also make sure to check out AirPatrol WiFi AC Controller. They have great products, and something like a 0.04% return rate. Super high quality and superb products. On amazon for 179.99. On their website for a little more but def worth a look.


I’m looking for one that will also start automatically when below a certain temperature or above it. My mini split can’t do that and would run 24h

I am quite new to the whole IOT and smart home automation. But have been spending much of my last few months researching on the topic and trying to understand various products out there in the market.

In terms of ability to control ACs and also other devices at the same time, has anyone tried B.One Eazy. Its fairly a new product in the market but seems to address all the problems that people were having with old smart home automation hub and ac controller.

This forum is for people who are using the smart things home automation platform.

How are you integrating B.One Eazy with SmartThings?

Hey, this might help! To automate my home and office’s air conditioning, I just opted for Cielo Breez, which has two versions of smart AC controllers. I would say, they are amazing. From installation to performance to support, I’ve had no issues whatsoever. They only recently integrated with SmartThings and it works perfectly. Plus everyone I know is always singing praises of their support and helpful support is a Must for me!