Best 4-device wallmounted remote for ST?

Hey All -
I’ve been scouring the internet for a wall-mounted remote that runs off of hard-wired power that will allow me to control four devices (two lamps, some ceiling lights, and a ceiling fan). I plan to put a smart module of some sort (be it a smart bulb or a smart relay) on all of these devices so that they will be controllable from smart things, and all I need is a device that will control them (just like I do in the app). I want to be able to control on/off and dimming functions (speed in the case of the fan).

The VRCS4 and VRCZ4 from Leviton seem to be my top contenders, but I can’t yet figure out if they will do what I want! Can I use the four big buttons to select a device, and then use the dimming buttons for - ya know, dimming?

Also - here’s the real catch, I need the switch to come in black! (Thankfully I can get black plates for the leviton models).

Any advice?

Hello, I did just recently purchase the 4 button zone controller. It seems like it would work as a switch and dimmer, but I don’t know yet. You need to purchase Leviton’s programming USB stick and run window’s OS to program it. I just have Macs, so I am currently stuck. ST finds the switch, but doesn’t know what to do with it.

Anyone who has a solution, I would appreciate it.

Thanks Mike

I also came across multiple threads that looked like you have to purchase a leviton programmer. In addition to the USB stick, I also found that a handheld programmer is mentioned in the instructions for the model you purchased (VRCPG-BSG).

A community member was developing code to make the leviton 4-button controllers work back in 2014 ( code is here, but it looks like he hasn’t been on the forum in more than 6 months. I found his work page, that lists an email address, but I wasn’t sure if contacting him would be creepy, ha. (

lots of people are using the “S” devices, both the four button and the two button. :sunglasses:

You don’t need a Leviton controller to make it work.


The “Z” models have been more problematic. Some people say they work fine with the same device type handlers, some couldn’t get them to work at all.

You can just ask questions in the thread I just linked to about the S devices as there are many community members using them successfully. :sunglasses:

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Thank you very much! I’m new to this and very anxious to getting the house working productively. This technology is great. Once people get over the stigma of allowing automation to help their lives, this will blow-up.

I appreciate you pointing me into the right direction.

EDIT: I did install the VRCS Smart App and Device Handler and it does work for the VRCZ4. You just use the left toggle of each button as an on/off. I would think that someone has either modified the Device Handler or created a new one to get the full capabilities of this switch. I am not a programmer in the least, but I may play around and see if I can get this working 100%. In the mean-time, I will let the standard VRCS4 device work for what I need it to do.

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Given the prices, IMO a better choice is a wall-mounted android tablet and an Echo Dot. Far more versatile, far cheaper. Set up the tablet with the remote app, or with SmartTiles… have it be a security cam, monitor window open/closed status, etc.

My wife has begun to be accustomed to the smarttiles-loaded tablet at the front door, as well as to the Alexa voice command system. At first she objected to the lack of “real switches”, but now thinks the new control system is genius.