Belkin WEMO Switch UK (Outlet/Socket?) - Not being detected on ST

Have bought a wemo uk switch, specifically to extend my ST automation kit.
I’ve configured it on my wifi, I can discover it via the WEMO app, control it via the same app, I can even ping the IP address of the WEMO on my LAN.
Unlike the forum posts here that describe adding hardware/device profiles and publishing apps to yourself, It’s actually listed in the stock SmartPhone Application > Add a Thing > New Things > Belkin WeMo Switch (UK). click the picture of the wemo, I’m presented with + connect now.
when I click this the app will just spin for as long as the battery will last on my android.
ie won’t connect at all.
The last time I attempted to Add the WeMo I logged onto my ST via a laptop web browser and watched the LiveLog (i know, I should get out more…) watching the output from this I can see it’s looking for what I think was a range of MAC addresses on my LAN. When I check the MAC address of my WEMO it wasn’t within the range…could this be the problem ?
I couldn’t see anywhere that I could either directly add it using an IP address or change this MAC address.

As alluded to earlier, I’ve read older forum posts that describe a process of getting two different pieces of code (device handler and WeMo (connect) Advanced), adding them to my ST, publishing and then running them. This process fails as well.

wonder whether I’m the only person in the UK trying to add this socket to their ST.

wow, what a first post…:slight_smile: