Beginner's IDE query

Not sure where to ask this?
Been trying to create my first device handler, copied from Github.
A few queries! If I go to my device handlers on my mobile I see two (published) handlers, but if I look at my device handlers (published) on my PC, I only have one ? I think I read somewhere that there is some confusion for new users between Smartthings account and Samsung account…am I doing something wrong here perhaps? While I can log out of my Smartthings account, I cant see how to log out of the Samsung account. This means each time I try to log into Smarththings it says I am already logged in via Samsung account (if I am making any sense)
Also, on my mobile where there are two device handlers- I copied one by mistake and so want to delete it, but I cant see how you do that?

When you log into the IDE you MUST also go to the far left tab “My Locations” and select your hub’s location. Then go to Device Handlers, Smart Apps, etc. Reason for this is a single account can be connected to multiple hubs.

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I have checked on pc and mobile…I only have one location (the same) on both.
I have clicked onto the location “name” (for good order!) on both, and

  1. the hub is now identifed on the pc whereas it was missing before (though, oddly, “My Devices” showed the correct Things on the IDE on the PC even though the Hub was “blank”)
  2. I do now have only the correct single handler on both PC and Mobile.

So, many thanks indeed. Even if I do not quite understand how !!

This post partially explains what you might have encountered, Gavin: