Battery storage cases

Just curious what kind of storage devices you guys use for all of your coin batteries and CR2 batteries etc. sizes.

Mine are just in Ziploc bags right now, but I want to get a nice organizing case but all the ones I saw on Amazon hold too many of one size or not enough of the other. I’m wondering how other people do it. Particularly interested to know if anybody has a battery case if the CR2 batteries can fit in the AA spots.

I have a few of these. Work great for batteries and leftover parts, etc.

Can you fit AA c and d size batteries in this?

AA for sure, D size I have not tried yet but I think it might.

1 Like Stackable and available at Walmart and other places. Drawers are 7.5L 5.5W 1.75D big enough to hold up to D cells. I go through a lot of AA and AAAs, so a drawer for each and combine smaller ones like button batteries and CR2/3 in a single drawer. I have two stacked in a kitchen cabinet.

This is my sophisticated setup :wink:

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