Anybody have a source for rechargeable AAAA batteries?

I generally try to run battery-powered devices with rechargeables like Eneloops or the cheap Amazon Basics ones, but I can’t seem to find any (legit) options for AAAA-size batteries that aren’t single-use. I’d love to be able to power my SmartThings devices without using and buying disposables.

Any tips?

Fwiw, CR2s, which the Lowes Iris devices use, don’t seem to be a problem as there are some options on Deal Extreme.

I have yet to see them exist. We should get someone to kickstart it or something :stuck_out_tongue: I know we would buy a ton.

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I would totally buy SmartThings-branded rechargeable AAAAs! :slight_smile:

I meant someone else make them :blush:

But I totally would buy them too.

You can take a 9Volt battery apart and get 6 of them.


Not sure what you are suggesting…

Isn’t a AAAA a skinny AAA? And since it is the same length and voltage, shouldn’t it work in a AAA charger?

Seems AAAA have been out for some time but no one makes rechargeable versions.

Are you suggesting that I buy a rechargeable 9V and dismantle it? I’m not sure how much I trust that technique from a charging safety standpoint…

Wow I had to youtube this after i read the thread but sure enough there it is… 9V batteries will work. Thank you for showing me this trick… BY the way this text is a link to the youtube video so click me!

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