Battery starts reporting negative value / -22% on contact

Out of the blue I start getting a -22% battery percentage notification. I open the app and get ready to take a screenshot and it turns to 66% (positive again). I assume it just a contact sensor glitch or bug but just wanted to know if anyone else has seen this issue or has a fix other than retire the appx 12 month old smartthings contact sensor?

They are messing around. Is not your contact. I have a motion sensor that was showing some negative temperature this morning. Now it’s fine.

Ah Ha.
I had a notification this morning that the temperature had dropped below 5 C.
Only one of 10 sensors reported.
Makes a bit more sense now.

Same thing happened to me. My Iris contact showed -33% battery and now it says 0% but it’s still sending me correct temperature reports.

My Iris is also running on gas fumes, at a whopping -11%

The 83 degrees @ 10pm is correct, unfortunately :wink:

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No further problems occurring after this one day and the one sensor for me.

Mine eventually fixed itself and is now reporting 44% battery capacity.