Battery level and offline notification?

I have a bunch of Visonic contact sensors that overall are great, but they drop down to low battery level and stay that way for months. Due to that I have turned off notifications from SmartThings (was getting spammed to death) and was using Simple Device Viewer that would just send me a text once a week that they were low and then more frequently when they were actually dead.

A few days ago Simple Device Viewer stopped working and now it is reporting every device in my house as offline. I am guessing something has changed in the smart things cloud. What are people doing now in a situation like this where devices can be very low battery for very long periods of time? I could just totally ignore it until it dies and I noticed it, but if I was going away on vacation or something, I would want to replace those low battery before I left in case they actually die while I was gone.

i get notifications from ST, but i do miss the red dots.

Take a look at this app for custom battery levels and notifications with a built in dashboard