Battery drain after change of router

I have set up Smartthings hub and sensors 3 years ago. Quite recently (4 days ago) I updated my 4G router and it seems like all my sensors started to drain batteries in only few days right after. I didn’t have time to update router firmware yet, and just wondering could that cause the sudden drain in all sensors?

Basically same behaviour for all of them…

Are these sensors Z-Wave or Zigbee? If you’re talking WiFi, it could be there is a conflict between your 2.4GHz WiFi channel and Zigbee channel.

The above screenshots are from Smartthings waterleak sensor and motion sensor so I assume Zigbee?

I installed my router (ZyXEL LTE5398) in a bit of a rush, so all settings are on ‘default’.

Which setting should be setup for 2.4Ghz channel? I assume it’s ‘automatic’ but not really sure.

This may be of help, Google may be of further help for channel information:

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You can change Zigbee channel.
Go to

Explore your hubs
Explore and view details of your hubs registered with SmartThings.

I’m using Zigbee channel 25 and WiFi channels 1-6 for my router.

More about Zigbee and WiFi channels

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There are a lot of Zigbee issue currently reported in different posts on the forums over the past week. There is also an issue with Zigbee battery drain after the September hub firmware update discussed in the topic below. You adding a new router and Zigbee channel interference could be compounding the issue.

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Actually, while setting up the router I did notice that my “Automatic updates” was off, and I took the latest firmware upgrade in… I will setup the channels and update here the outcome!