Battery Charger Automated Turn-off with Energy Monitoring

I just ordered the eve energy matter smart plug and I know matter doesn’t support energy monitoring but someone told me eve has an independent integration with ST that does have energy monitoring. So I have a battery charger for lithium batteries that I use daily and I am gapping that there will be a way to automate the eve outlet to shut off when the batteries get to fully charged. I’ve read other posts (I think it was with home assistant) that suggest when a battery gets fully charged it power draw drops and you can set up the automation to turn off when the power draw drop below a certain number so I’m hoping this will be possible with a ST automation. Does anyone know or have any insight?

Yes, they have a custom integration. You can trigger on power meter level and consumption in Routines.


That is exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you. Do eve devices only work with ST through matter? I was looking at an eve air quality monitor and it wasn’t matter capable and I couldn’t find if it worked with ST or not

Eve has direct ST integrations for some of their devices. The AQM supports Bluetooth and Thread but not Matter over Thread so would work with Apple Homekit but not ST directly. @JDRoberts can comment on whether there is a way to proxy it into ST or not.

Not yet that I know of. Eve has promised eventual matter support, in which case you could bring it in that way, but not yet.

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