Smartthings control of lighting/humidity/motion auto-on/off of extractor unit

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So I’ve implemented a couple of Fibaro single/dual relays throughout my house to control outdoor lighting, I now want to move onto my next project: Smart control of bathroom lighting plus loft extractor fan.

We have a Vent Axia unit in our loft that is continually running and when humidity increases it in turn cycles up through the settings to extract moisture quicker.

I have a couple of issues with this setup (previous owners added). One, with it continually running it is extracting heat from 4 room, master bathroom, utility, downstairs toilet and ensuite.

What I’m hoping to achieve starting with the master bathroom is :-

  1. Switch on the master bathroom downlights when motion is detected and a certain light level is reached (no point in turning them on for the sake of it)

  2. When a certain level of humidity is detected, switch on the loft extractor unit and switch off when it drops below a certain level.

  3. Switch off the master bathroom downlights when no motion is detected for x minutes.

Are there options available to get this working in Smartthings?

To complicate this setup more, I’d be looking to extend the motion/humidity options to the other three rooms.