Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions Needed

I’ve got a number of complete remodeling projects on the board and it’s time to make these rooms smart. First up a bathroom - LED lights in the ceiling, above bath/shower, mirror and vanity, fan, possibly (not probably!) heated floor and music. Initially, a robust sensor (Aeotec - just saw a video on this) to monitor light, humidity, temp, etc and trigger lights, fan and heat in the floor.

I need suggestions on the smart switches. It would seem the most practical wiring plan would be to run 120V into a panel (in the vanity?) with smart switches and distributer 12 V to the led lights. Instead of multiple wall switches, have just one for the ceiling lights. Ventilation fan would be controlled by Aeotec humidity level, Vanity lighting controlled by switch(s) in the drawers. Heated floor controlled by Aeotec temp (or season?) and time of day.

Any suggestions on the approach, switches, etc?

Hey Doug, welcome to the forums. Remodel is always exciting. We recently did a master bath reno. I agree that the make-up vanity should have a dedicated circuit for blow dryers and such, in addition to the regular bathroom outlet gfi circuit. So that’s like four circuits already lol, floor heater, sink/vanity, makeup area, and another gfi for regular bathroom outlets.

We did led can lights for overhead lighting and just used smart dimmer switches. Our bathroom fan is smart but also has a smart wall switch in case somebody wants it off. My favorite features are the motion sensors we put in there so the lights come on to certain level based on ambient light, say at night or whatever as soon as you walk in to the bathroom. We just did a smart plug under the vanity to a led transformer plug. Also, each sink has it’s own outlet above the counter. We also put in some hidden outlets around the make-up vanity area like inside a cabinet much like your switch in the drawer. I agree that some overhead speakers are a must, we use a google home mini >chromecast audio> small amp>wired speaker setup. Def run the speaker wire before drywall ! Also check out smart valves for the showers and tub and smart leak sensors, we didn’t put any in and in hindsight that might have a been a good idea. Also we have been mulling over smart blinds for the big bathroom window but haven’t gotten around to it. Hope I gave you some ideas, good luck with the reno!

If you’re really rich :wink: consider dual smart mirrors his/hers. If you go with it, then you’ll need hidden outlets behind the mirrors.

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Excellent, Thanks Matt. Good ideas and i overlooked the leak sensors. I’ll be doing two baths so we may be able to share a circuit or two as upgrading the electrical service for larger panel triggers underground electrical service.

I definitely like smart mirrors and I’m surprised more companies aren’t offering they yet.

What kind of speakers did you go with and how are they powered?

You can see project reports from other community members on their bathroom projects by going to the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, looking down near the bottom of that page for the project report section, then down a little further for the report by room and choosing the “bathroom” list. Lots of creative ideas there! :sunglasses:


My ceiling speakers (not bathroom, but doesn’t matter) are powered by Sonos Connect:amp. Work a treat, especially if you have other Sonos components. Not a great integration with SmartThings but the Alexa integration is great

Did these a year ago, there’s a newer version now.

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JD, huge thanks for pointing me in the right direction… a forum on smart bathroom projects - that’s gold!!


Thanks…and thanks for the insight on integration.


I have Klipsch ceiling speakers in the master bath, just two of them as any more and it would be too loud. I bought this little mini amp that fits in an electrical box and has bluetooth, aux it etc. A nice reliable device I’d say, it’s been a year at least. We did end up plugging in a chromecast audio to it though, but really all we use it for now is amp and occasional manual volume.

I though ahead and had an outlet put high up in the closet next to the bathroom so it’s all concealed. Plenty of amps for that bathroom for sure.

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I think the integration is pretty great. If your sonos speakers are connected to your wifi then they should show up in the ST app when you + add device search. Then your sonos are connected.

It seems we have different opinions of what constitutes a “great” interface.

For me, great would include at the very least the ability to use the SmartThings app to do everything I can do with the Sonos app plus automate actions.

I’d be happy to hear that I’ve missed something. All I see “out of the box” is a hit-or-miss ability to see when an individual speaker is on and an overly complicated way to adjust volume, one speaker at a time.

I see your point. Yes the SONOS app is much better.

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