Bathroom re wire — help needed


I am fully renovating my bathroom , and with that fully rewiring it.

I am having two lighting circuits on there

One to run my main spot lights with a Fibaro Dimmer and a momentary light switch outside ,

The other lighting circuit I want controlling of motion sensor.

This will control the ambient led lighting and turn on my online fan for a set period of time.

Please can some one advise on what motion sensor I require to run the ambient led lighting and inline extractor fan?

Ideally I want it to be ceiling mounted , flush and look discreet. There will be no switch for this circuit outside the bathroom so solely reliant on the sensor.

Also any tips I need and how to program this into the smart things hub.

Any help is much appreciated.

Can’t tell you all your details, can only give some general guidelines.

Used to be that light fixtures would be wired on a home run, or in line with other fixtures. From a fixture, you’d have a two-wire “switch leg” down to your switch.

Nowadays with smart switches, any “switch leg” needs the neutral wire to also be included. So for whatever you do going forward, ensure your new switch legs are three-wire. Even if in the short term you’re using only a standard switch.

That’s the plan to run a 3 wire switch leg.

I have read allot that Fibaros don’t require the natural but I will be putting that in anyway

Deep back boxes and neutrals everywhere!

For the sensor the Aotec looks to be a good option. Expensive, but it has a recessed mount option and can measure temperature, light, humidity and vibration.

With that sensor you could set up all sorts of automations to set the lighting level to not blind you at night or turn on a fan for different periods of time depending on toilet or shower use.

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Looks to be spot on and great review!

Will it connect to smart things?

Because I will be running led transformers and the bathroom fan etc of the sensor would you reccomend having a fuse spur on the outside of the bathroom wall on a grid like system next to the momentary switch? And if the hub would for what ever reason go down would the led ambient lights not come on?

That sensor works well with SmartThings and there is a great device handler for it. The sensor is one thing, switching your loads (lights and fan) is another. I like the Fibaro modules, either the Dimmer 2 or the dual relay for the switching side. Then you can have your standard light switches control the module. Not only does it make it fail safe in the event of hub/internet failure, but it also means the system is compatible with the rest of the family and guests. I see no reason for separate fused spurs, just place your switching modules behind the regular switches. That way you can revert to standard if ever needed.

One you have the sensor and modules in place you can look at WebCore to do the automation.

I have 4 of the aeotec sensors, they’re awesome, but they use a lot of cr123 batteries… If I was doing a new wire, I’d find a way to get standard USB power in wall to the spot where I want to mount the sensor with the aeotec recessor mount… Hint, hint.

Thanks allot !!!

Yes definitely hard wire the sensor , I want it to fit and forget type of install.

So one aeotec sensor and two Fibaro Dimmer modules

One for ambient light led + ceiling fan (one circuit) and other for main bathroom lighting

Two retractive wall switches

That should be it?